These Cool Gadgets Can Help You Achieve School-Life Balance

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These Cool Gadgets Can Help You Achieve School-Life Balance

While you’re in school to learn, it shouldn’t take up most of your time. It’s important to have passions and a social life outside of class, especially since being in college means creating experiences and memories you can look back on. The best way to achieve this school-life balance can be through technology. Since Christmas is coming up, it might be easier to convince your parents to get you that gadget upgrade you’ve been badly wanting. Below, we list down gadgets from Huawei that can help you balance your college career and social life. BTW, they can be paired with any phone, but they're best paired with Huawei.

1. Huawei Freebuds 3 (P8,990) 

If you spend more time detangling your earphones instead of actually listening to music, then these are a godsend. These noise-canceling wireless headphones allow you to listen with clarity and bring even more life to your music, so you can really zone out when it’s study time. Plus, the clear, crisp sound they deliver means that they’re extra helpful if you need to transcribe interviews for your thesis. Depending on you style, you can choose from white and black Freebuds. 

2. Huawei Watch GT2 (From P9,990)  

If you’re a workaholic who needs some help relaxing, then this smartwatch is perfect for you. Not only does it track sleep, it can also help diagnose six common sleep issues and give you suggestions for a more restful slumber. It can also monitor your stress, so you'll know when you should take your study breaks. You also won’t have to worry about unplugging—the watch can notify you whenever you receive a message, email, call, or calendar alert. You won’t even need to glance at your phone to check an incoming message from your thesis mate! Plus, if you're the type who forgets to charge their gadgets, you won't have to worry about running out of battery with this watch—it has a two-week battery life! You can also choose the watch depending on your lifestyle. If you're more active, choose between the Watch GT 2 42mm Active Edition (P9,990) or the Watch GT 2 46mm Active Edition (P10,990). If you want something more sophisticated, go for the Watch GT 2 46mm Elegant Edition (P13,990)

3. Huawei Band 4 (P1,890) or Band 4e (P1,390)

If you’re a varsity athlete, then this sleek gadget might be more your speed. Other than telling the time and tracking your steps, they can also track nine modes of exercise. The Band 4e can also monitor your basketball and running stats, and let you know how to improve your game. During varsity training, you can choose to attach it to your wrist or your shoe to collect data about your movements. 

You won’t be missing anything while you’re on the court or track, either. Band 4 and Band 4e will notify you when you receive calls, emails, and texts. The Band 4 comes in sakura pink and graphite black, and the Band 4e comes with eco-friendly recycled straps in tons of different colors. 

4. Huawei Y6s (P6,990)

While your phone might be your number one distraction, it actually has the potential to be your best study tool. Huawei's Y6s, for instance, has 64GB of memory and 512GB of expandable storage, so you can keep tons of readings, audio recordings, and video sessions right on your phone so you can study anytime and anywhere. It also has a 6.09” Dewdrop display that blocks out blue light, so you won't damage your eyes while reviewing for your next exam. You can even choose between an orchid blue phone or a starry black one. 

Make sure your Christmas gifts not only make you happy, but also help you be the best student you can be in the long run. FYI, Huawei's having a holiday promo where if you buy Huawei's Mate 30, Mate 30 Pro, P30, P30 Pro, or Nova 5T in selected Huawei stores and reseller stores, you can enjoy a P2,000 discount on Huawei FreeBuds 3. Hurry! The promo period ends on January 5, 2020. 

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