QUIZ: How Will You Confront What's Been Holding You Back This 2020?

Make this year your year!
Dec 27, 2019
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QUIZ: How Will You Confront What's Been Holding You Back This 2020?

Whether or not 2019 was a good year for you, you’ll want to be ready to conquer 2020 both in school and in your personal life. But think about this for a minute: Were there things that held you back in the past year? Maybe things that caused you to hesitate and second guess yourself?

Take our quiz below and check out if you’re ready to take the lead and face the year ahead.

What drives you to try new things?
I want to grow.
I've always dreamed of this.
I like to take risks.
I want to test my potential.
I know I can do more.
What's something that's holding you back from achieving your goals?
Fear of the unknown
Fear of failure
Negative judgment
Feeling pressured
Social expectations
When faced with a decision, you ask yourself...
Can I get out of my comfort zone?
If I fail, will others think differently of me?
Will my peers accept my unconventional choices?
Do my gut feelings say "go for it"?
Will this make me part of something bigger?
What's your mantra in life?
Change is good!
Bounce back!
Big risk, big reward!
I'm destined for greatness!
What's next?
Which matters most to you?
Proving my worth
Making my mark
When facing hesitations, what do you tell yourself?
You will overcome!
You will make it happen!
You are fearless!
You are going places!
You are more than enough!

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