6 Common Romance Tropes in Books and Movies That Will Give You All the Feels

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by Kyle Ramiel Dalangin   |  Aug 23, 2023
Art: Shannen Gardon
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If you’re a fan of ~kilig~ moments, you undoubtedly have preferences when it comes to romance novels or movies. When you try to imagine scenarios in your head before you sleep, you may have THAT type of trope to start with. If not, then here are six of the best romance tropes to look for!

LIST: Best Romance Tropes in Books and Movies For All the Kilig Feels

1. Enemies to lovers

Ah, the classic “they-bumped-into-each-other, hated-their-guts, now-they’re-in-love” trope that no one gets tired of! Is it the cute banters? Is it the funny fights? Or is it the sudden care for each other? Whatever it is, there’s something about this trope that makes us root for the enemies to end up together! Take She’s Dating the Gangster’s  Athena and Kenji as an example!

2. Friends-to-lovers

Maybe the reason why this trope is so appealing to us because it is the closest thing that can *actually* happen IRL. The best relationships almost always occur after friendships. From sharing the good times to having each other’s backs, the friends-to- to lovers trope is so good because they know each other that well, it makes us hard to believe they won’t end up together. One best example of this is another KathNiel film, Must Be Love


3. Forced proximity

There’s almost nothing more exciting than hearing or reading the words: “Sorry, Sir. We only have one bed available.” You just know there’s a forced proximity trope brewing! This trope primarily consists of when two characters are stuck in a situation or place together and cannot get out soon. Sometimes, these situations lead them to actually know each other better and the rest will be history. The classic The Breakfast Club is a good one to watch if this is your thing.

4. Fake relationship

If you haven’t encountered this trope, then you’re missing out! It’s when two characters are forced to pretend to be in a relationship to avoid or achieve something. Usually, this trope starts from pretending to being jealous to actually falling in love. One best example of this is Xian Lim and Kim Chiu’s Bride for Rent. 

5. Academic rivals-to-lovers

There are only a few movies and books with this kind of trope, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less! For starters, this trope is similar to enemies-to-lovers. The difference is that the characters are specifically fighting for the top spot of their class. Interested? The best one to get to know this trope is the anime Special A!

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6. Grumpy X Sunshine

Who wouldn’t love a good old grumpy character who meets someone who is a ball of sunshine? This trope is cute as we witness how the grumpy one melts into the blinding light of the other one. From having zero care to being able to express themselves for each other, those with this trope never fail to make us feel the ~kilig~ we’ve been looking for. Try watching the series New Girl and watch out for Nick and Jess with this trope!

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