"You took the easiest strand": 5 Common Misconceptions About HUMSS Students

by Mylene Mendoza   |  Oct 17, 2021
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Every senior high school student will have to make the important decision of choosing a strand. Each strand is specialized in various fields to better prepare students for their chosen career paths (That said, it's completely normal to take up a course in college that's unrelated to the strand you took in SHS!). While each strand is designed to cover certain fields, they each have their unique set of advantages and challenges—and it's not accurate nor fair to simply call one strand "easier" than the others.

Misconceptions about the experience of taking one strand are pretty common—and students under the Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) strand are no exception. Many people often get a lot of things wrong about what the HUMSS strand exactly entail, so we asked HUMSS students on Instagram to share the most common misbeliefs about their strand.

Here are 5 common misconceptions about HUMSS:

HUMSS students all want to be Psychology majors.

According to @anyasfc, one misconception about HUMSS students is "that we all either wanna be psych students or lawyers." While the HUMSS strand entails subjects in social sciences that are highly relevant to the field of psychology and law, they're not the only fields the strand covers. HUMSS students also have a variety of related college courses they can take, such as Philosophy, Communication, Creative Writing, and International Studies to name a few.

Subjects under HUMSS are easy because there's no math.

"They always tell us that we choose this strand 'cause it's easy," shares @allysonrae. Sure, there isn't as much math in HUMSS as there are in other strands because it isn't it's sole focus, but subjects under HUMSS are also just as complex and require an immense amount of critical thinking.


"It also takes a lot of work," says @gailohitsujiza. Some subjects under the HUMSS curriculum are Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human Person, Earth and Life Science, Statistics and Probability, and Media and Information Literacy.

HUMSS students will have a hard time getting jobs in the future.

Another misconception about the strand is that, "wala raw pera sa HUMSS," says @jiggabyte_. @dyincruz also adds that: "we won't have work in the future because we're not engineers, accountants, scientists, etc." 

Contrary to popular belief, your strand won't be the sole factor that will define your future career. HUMSS students can take on college courses and professions that are just as important and fulfilling. A couple of examples of HUMSS-related careers include lawyers, content strategists, psychometricians, teachers, and criminologists, among others.

HUMSS students are good at debate.

Just because HUMSS students are loaded with readings and have to hold intellectual conversations to discuss important matters doesn't mean they're all automatically good at public speaking and debates. "They always assume we're monsters at public speaking. Guys, please know that we still feel nervous!" shares @harukhoeee.

All HUMSS students do is write.

@crismercs shares that one common thing many people get wrong about HUMSS students is "that ALL we do is write essays." Even though everyone who's gone to school is required to write papers at some point in their academic journeys, writing isn't as easy as people make it out to be.

Not everyone can skillfully execute well-thought-out discussions in writing. Not to mention, there's an ample amount of research that needs to be accomplished to make sure what you're writing is accurate, factual, or at the very least, makes sense—and research is something that not only will require critical thinking but also a good amount of hard work, determination, and a knack for asking the right questions and looking at the right (read: reliable) places for answers.

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