College Courses to Take if You Want to Pursue a Music Career

by The Candy Staff   |  Aug 30, 2021
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There's more than one way to make a career out of music, and sometimes, you don't need formal education to accomplish this. But if you wish to thoroughly prepare yourself for a life dedicated to the music industry, there are several degree programs in universities that are specifically crafted with the intention of producing highly skilled professionals in the field. These college courses tackle different sides of the music scene, from essential processes like songwriting to artist management.

Ready to dedicate yourself to music? Here are a few college courses you can take up if you wish to pursue music as a profession to start you off.

College courses related to music:

1. Bachelor of Music

If you're still unsure about what kind of music career you'd like to pursue, taking up Bachelor of Music can be one way to acquire a holistic and comprehensive understanding of the field before proceeding to choose a specialization. Under Bachelor of Music, students can learn about theories and methods that are useful when it comes to performance and even history.

Universities that offer this degree include University of the Philippines  and University of Baguio.

2. Music Education

If you are deeply moved by music and are called to share this passion to young, aspiring musicians, Music Education as a college course can help you prepare to become a professor or teacher specializing in all things music. Aside from training students to skillfully educate in the field of music, a couple of Music Education degree programs also teach students how to play various instruments. Schools that offer this degree program include University of Santo Tomas, West Visayas State University, St. Scholastica's College, and Philippine Women's University.


3. Music Production

From writing lyrics to composing music, the Music Production degree program offers students extensive learning in the overall process of creating chart-topping tunes. Some schools also throw in other essential learning points in the curriculum, including but not limited to music scoring for the stage and even marketing know-how that can boost the reach of your compositions.  

Some of the universities that offer Music Production as a college course are De La Salle - College of St. Benilde and St. Scholastica's College.

4. Music Technology

Producing songs involves more than just writing lyrics and playing the necessary instruments to make a tune. If you are more interested in the process of combining all these elements to create music through the use of computer and advanced applications, Music Technology is a degree program that can help you deepen your knowledge in this particular field.

Some of the schools that offer this program include University of Santo Tomas and St. Scholastica's College.

5. Composition

Taking up Composition as a college major will equip students in cultivating both their technical and creative abilities to establish themselves as top-tier musicians. This particular program can help them assume professional roles as composers and even teachers in the future. Some programs, such as the one offered by St. Scholastica's College, also incorporate a comprehensive knowledge of literature in its curriculum. Composition programs in other schools, such as the one in Centro Escolar University, put a heavy focus on music production and engineering.

6. Music Business Management

The music industry takes more than good songwriters and performers to keep going, especially if we want our musicians to make a living out of their passion. A particular degree program offered by MINT College allows its students to master not only the music-related aspects of the profession but also the business side of it. Under this program, students are also honed in various techniques, including artist management, music marketing, and business.

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Music Business Management is a special four-year bachelor's degree program currently being offered by MINT College


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