4 College Courses to Consider if You're an Aspiring Flight Attendant

Although you can still be a flight attendant with any college degree, these courses will help you become a stronger candidate when you apply!
by Katrina Golamco   |  Mar 5, 2022
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If the thought of having to travel to different countries while participating in diverse cultures as a career excites you, then you will most definitely enjoy the idea of being a flight attendant. Like many humanities and hospitality courses, the professional path to becoming a flight attendant has been deemed by most people as an easier track than science courses. But not everyone recognizes the particularities and intricacies of the training and knowledge you must secure to be more equipped for your dream as a part of the cabin crew.

Although some airlines only require flight attendant aspirants to be at least a graduate of high school and any four-year course, some still demand a higher and particular educational degree. And it is better if it has already provided the fundamentals of hospitality, communication, foreign language, and other pivotal subjects to be a master in the field. Thus, we have listed down the courses you can enroll in college to help you be a stronger candidate among the rest.


College courses you can take if you are an aspiring flight attendant:

BS Travel or Tourism Management

BS Travel Management is a four-year course which usually is the most primary and rational suggestion by professionals if you aspire to become an airline flight attendant. This course highlights the basics of tourism, such as history, management, tourism services, research, marketing, promotions, airport operations, and many more. All of these will depend on the major you will choose to focus on as you go on. 

AB in Communication or Speech Communication

AB in Speech Communication or any communication degree will most probably help you to become a strong candidate in job applications. Excellent communication skill is a key element in the job description for flight attendants. Although AB in Communication mostly focuses on the operations of mass media, it will still cover the fundamentals of communication processes, particularly how it works in interpersonal relationships and how it can be used to surpass cultural and language barriers. 

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Bottom line, the purpose of this course is to teach the individual to intellectually and creatively deliver communication in different situations, conflicts, and concerns. Thus, having a degree in any college course that will help you enhance your communication abilities can greatly influence your competency to become a flight attendant. 

AB in Linguistics

Whether you are aiming to be a part of a local or international airline, it is an advantage for aspirants to be fluent in English and be familiar with other foreign languages since a central part of their work is interacting with people traveling from different countries. Therefore, having a degree in Linguistics can be valuable in this particular career path since it will teach students the principles of language and how it can be utilized in translation work. Most language courses can provide you with the option of what languages you choose to master as you study the degree. 


BS Hospitality Management

Since part of being a flight attendant focuses on customer service, understanding and developing the intellect and strategies of handling human relations is vital for the role. Although this course or field mostly highlights entrepreneurship and industry management, it still emphasizes teaching students to become critical in providing service and elicits passion for different industries, including airlines. 


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