5 Cocktails You Can Mix When Your Barkada Just Wants to Chill at Home

Easy, inexpensive, no-fuss, and most of all, fun!
5 Cocktails You Can Mix When Your Barkada Just Wants to Chill at Home

On nights you just want to chill with your girlfriends, have a couple of drinks, and not have to worry about getting dressed and going out, dig out your best glasses and mix a few delicious cocktails for a fun night in.

And if you're turning 18 soon but don't want a big debut, a chill house party is just what you need. Here's an idea: Ask your guests to bring some board games for a boozy game night. Give them a dress code to follow so you'll all look IG-worthy on this special night. How about all-pink OOTDs? Check this out for more no-party ideas.

A party won't be complete without some drinks. Below, some gin-based cocktail recipes that are bar-worthy and taste better than shots.

1. G&T

One of the most refreshing cocktails around, the classic gin and tonic is perfect for friends with traditional tastes. Combine one part gin to two parts tonic in an ice-filled glass and stir. Garnish with a lemon wedge if you’re feeling extra.

2. Gin and Clear Soda

Girls with a bubbly, perky personality deserve a drink that’s just as effervescent as they are. Swap the tonic water for club soda for a crisp, refreshing drink that’s not as bitter as the G&T. Slice a lime or lemon in half and squeeze the juice into a tall glass filled with ice cubes, pour in about two ounces of gin, and top it off with club soda (serves one).

3. Heartbreaker

Fresh, cool, and thirst-quenching, this cocktail is perfect for those who are looking for a refreshing, fruity drink. The recipe is simple: Pink gin and powdered four seasons-flavored juice. Stir them together for a minute and pour the mixture into a glass filled with ice—garnish with an orange for a fancy touch. Despite being called the Heartbreaker, this drink will definitely make you feel #PinkInLove.

4. Gin and Juice

Even your sulkiest girlfriend (she wanted to go out while everyone else agreed to stay in) will have a difficult time remaining mopey with a sweet gin and fruit juice mix. Make it even more enjoyable by taking a citrus-flavored gin and mixing it with orange juice or lemonade. If you’re feeling fancy, feel free to add some fruits chunks, too.

5. Sweet Lover

How else can you make a cocktail better? By turning it into a slushy. Perfect for drinkers who don’t like the taste of alcohol, this sweet concoction is super easy to make and will make you feel like you're #PinkInLove. No need to shake, stir, or strain. Just dump everything—Pink gin, tamarind juice, and powdered strawberry juice; frozen fruits like strawberries or watermelon; and lots of ice—into a blender and hit grind. When the mixture is smooth, pour it into a tall glass and drink through your reusable metal straw.

To create cocktails all your friends will love, you’ll need premium gin with just the right amount of flavor, like The BaR Pink Gin infused with mixed berries. Enjoy it with clear soda, or with any of the recipes above when you and your friends want to have a chill night at home.

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