Chocolate Lovers

The editors of Candy spill their favorite chocolate brand.
  |  Oct 4, 2011
photo courtesy of New Line Cinema (Valentine's Day)
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What about you? What is your favorite brand of chocolate?

steph.jpg I really love M&Ms, Godiva, and Royce! :) —Steph, Art Director
mimi.jpg I'm a fan of Australian chocolates! I can't resist eating Tim Tam Double Coat biscuits or Cadbury Milk Chocolate bars. —Mimi, Managing Editor
angel.jpg I'm a HUGE chocolate lover so I have many favorites, like Twix, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and Ghirardelli Mint. I usually go for the dark varieties. :) —Angel, Associate Features Editor
marla.jpg I'm never picky with my sweets (chocolate is chocolate!), but my most recent discovery is Nutty Steph's Sea Salt variant. I'm obsessed! —Marla, Associate Lifestyle Editor
Maltesers! —Sam, Associate Fashion Editor
macy.jpg I'm a certified chocoholic. I will probably eat anything (except for fruit and nut variants). My latest obsession: Goya's Chunky (white chocolate with cashew, please!). —Macy, Web Managing Editor
roch.jpg I'm super in love with Kinder Bueno White. Too bad they don't have it here in Manila. I would always hoard whenever I see them in stores in other countries. :P —Roch, Web Staff Writer
dyan.jpg I'd have to go with the classic Ferrero Rocher. It's the perfect combo of chocolate, nuts, and wafer. —Dyan, Web Staff Writer
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