Did You Know? You Can Actually Choose Your Own Default Font on Microsoft Word

by The Candy Staff   |  May 2, 2021
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ICYMI, Microsoft announced in April that they will officially be letting go of Calibri as their default font (Don't worry though because you can still use it!). Calibri has been the default of the Microsoft Office apps for 14 years now, and those who grew fond of it are sad to see that it will no longer be the first font they'd get to use upon opening the apps.

Currently, Microsoft is choosing among five new options and avid users can have a say in which gets selected as the new default font. But if none of the new options fit your taste, or if you're simply not ready to say goodbye to Calibri as your default font, you can actually choose your own default for the Microsoft Office apps on your device.

How to change the default font on Microsoft Word

To change the default font on Microsoft Word, go to Home, and then click the Font Dialog Box Launcher. Choose the font you wish to make your default. You can even choose the default size as well. And then click Set as Default. You will also be given the option to set it as default for the current document only or for all documents based on the Normal template

You can also change the default font on other Microsoft Office apps, including Excel and PowerPoint:

How to change the default font on Microsoft Excel

For Windows users

To change the default font on Excel on Windows, go to File and select Options. And then go to General. Under the When creating new workbooks section, you'll find Use this as the default font. Here, you can change the font style and size. Click OK to save your new settings.


For Mac users

To change the default font on Excel on a Mac device, go to Preferences. Under Authoring, select General. From here, you may choose your default font and size and click OK. This will be the font used for future worksheets.

How to change the default font on Microsoft PowerPoint

To change the font on PowerPoint, go to View and select Slide Master. On Slide Master, choose Fonts. On this drop-down menu, you may select the font you wish to use. Select Close Master View, and the font on all your slides should change to this.

To use this font on future presentations, save your current file as a template. To do so, select File, and then click Save As. Save it in the folder: C:\Users\\Documents\Custom Office Templates, save it as the file type PowerPoint Template, and click Save


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