Celebrity Fitness Club

Which teen star's workout routine should you follow? Find the perfect match by selecting the statements that best apply to you. by Mimi Tiu
  |  Mar 13, 2010
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Your get-fit tracks:
Something loud and screamy like Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone."
Anything metal that can keep your adrenaline pumping!
Perky tunes by pop acts such as Cobra Starship and Katy Perry.
Your ideal fitness regimen:
A variety of activities—cycling, lifting weights, or jogging—that can keep you in shape in a fun way.
A workout that tones the muscles, improves flexibility, and helps you find inner peace.
A cardio-centric routine involving the entire body such as running or dancing.
Your dream exercise companion:
Your boyfriend or bestie who will push you to do your best.
A room full of companions working towards the same goal.
No one. You like sweating it out solo!
Your idea of fun:
Going shopping. Nothing beats the thrill of trying on new clothes!
Experimenting with not-so-girly activities like basketball or surfing.
Vegging out on the couch watching DVDs of your favorite TV show.
Your signature getup:
Tank tops and denim shorts.
Edgy tees and jeans.
Flowing dresses.
Your favorite treat:
You're a sucker for sweets like candy and cookie dough.
Nothing perks you up like coffee.
Cheesecake—plain and simple.
Your body image:
"I'm grateful I can push my body to do anything."
"There are days when I feel flabby, but most days, I feel fab!"
"I love being tall and slender."

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