Celeb Playlist: Patty Laurel

  |  Jan 28, 2009
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"Dweebs in Love"

I made this song list for my boyfriend over a year ago. We have our own dysfunctional dance steps so I wanted to create a playlist that would match our dorky moves perfectly. The melodies of these songs are very upbeat and reminiscent of that awkward adolescence.

  1. "I'd Rather Dance" by Kings of Convenience
    I have my "swishy skirt" dance move that goes perfectly in sync with the intro.

  2. "Island in the Sun" by Weezer
    This is the best lie all day in the beach song!

  3. "How Good It Can Be" by The 88
    I enjoy cruising the streets with this track. Its sunny vibes helps me eradicate the stress of Metro Manila traffic.

  4. "I Believe in a Thing called Love" by The Darkness
    Because of my adorable boy, yes, my friends... I do believe in a thing called LOVE!

  5. "If She Wants Me" by Belle and Sebastian
    Belle and Sebastian has always been a favorite of mine for their eclectic and sweet tracks.

  6. "Love it When You Call" by The Feeling
    This reminds me of all the loser days in High School! Hahaha!

  7. "Everyday I Love You Less and Less" by Kaiser Chiefs
    A love-hate relationship that sounds so funny each time!

  8. "Wish I" by Jem
    The lyrics of this song are so perfect for those in a long distance relationship.
Like the songs she picked? What songs would you put in a playlist for your guy?

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