Celeb Playlist: Maggie Wilson

  |  Feb 4, 2009
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Her playlist is what she calls "Halo-halo." If you go through the list, you'll see that Maggie's musical taste doesn't just stick to one genre.
  1. "On and On" by Erykah Badu
    I like how chill it is. It relaxes me.
  2. "Shy Guy" by Diana King
    I always like a bit of reggae when I'm on the beach.
  3. "Rock the Boat" by Aaliyah
    One of my all-time faves, sad that she passed. I just love the video. I want to dance like that! Hahaha!
  4. "Sumthin Sumthin" by Maxwell
    I call it sexy music.
  5. "Girl on TV" by LFO
    So that everyone can sing along. Hahaha! It's everyone's guilty pleasure, and DON'T you dare lie about it! Hahaha!
  6. "Honey" by Mariah Carey
    Another classic. :-)
  7. "Maria Maria" by Santana
    You can never go wrong with Santana. Sexy.
  8. "Seven Days" by Craig David
    I heart the chocolate man. Hahaha!
  9. "24/7" by Artful Dodger
    It's cute, girly music.
  10. "Only You" by 112
    I love the old school RnB songs.
  11. "Moving Too Fast" by Artful Dodger
    It's almost house but more mellow.
  12. "Forgiveness" by Whamdue Project
    My all-time fave beach track. It makes me want to fall in love. Hahaha, I don't know why.
  13. "Sailing" by Urbandub
    I support Lokal!!!
  14. "Mercy" by Duffy
    It's catchy and I love her voice. Cute.
  15. "Do It" by Nelly Furtado
    Miss "Maneater" herself. ;-) Do it like you do it to me.
  16. "Wish You Were Here" by Incubus
    How can I forget Brandon Boyd singing shirtless in Araneta? It's forever glued in my head. The lyrics say it all.
  17. "Uh Oh" by Taken by Cars
    I just want to dance to it.
  18. "WOW" by Kylie Minogue
    It's the European side of me. Hahaha!
  19. "Rock DJ" by Robbie Williams
    He's a nutcase. It's sexy. Hahaha.
  20. "You Know I'm No Good" by Amy Winehouse
    I told you I was TROUBLE. Hahaha! Sooo me!
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