We asked the Candy eds who they want to be stuck on an island with.
  |  Feb 21, 2012
photos courtesy of Fox Broadcasting Co. (Glee)
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How about you? If you were stuck on an island, who do you want to be with 'til you get rescued?

marla.jpg Robyn! We'll whip out our flashlights and have a dance party every night until help comes. —Marla, Deputy Editor in Chief
steph.jpg Choi Siwon! But that would be a problem since I don't speak Korean and he only speaks a little English. :) Hahaha! —Steph, Art Director
mimi.jpg I'd love to be stuck on an island with my sister, Kathy. She's the best and kookiest travel companion so I'm sure I won't get bored at all. —Mimi, Managing Editor
angel.jpg My boyfriend, Roland, because he is very outdoorsy. He can probably fish, hunt and cook so we're sure to survive! Haha! —Angel, Associate Features Editor
Schmidt from New Girl. He'd make me laugh during the entire situation. :) —Sam, Associate Fashion Editor
macy.jpg Logan Lerman. Since he's the son of Poseidon (Percy Jackson), he'll make sure we're safe and sound till help comes. :) —Macy, Web Managing Editor
roch.jpg Ian Somerhalder! If something goes wrong and we're not going to be rescued, at least he'll be stuck with me and spend the rest of our lives together even if we don't get married. Hahaha! —Roch, Web Staff Writer
dyan.jpg Darren Criss, of course. And I wouldn't mind being stuck there for a while, haha! —Dyan, Web Staff Writer
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