7 Possible Career Paths for Mass Communication Graduates

Wondering what can you do with your Communication degree?
by Reina Lyne Pintang   |  Jun 1, 2023
Image: Pexels Art: Shannen Gardon
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There’s no doubt that mass communication is a broad and versatile course. From television to radio, newspapers to digital media, and advertising to film—it covers a wide range of creative and exciting fields. For as long as there is an open variety of media that people use and consume, there will be numerous career paths waiting for communication graduates and future ~media practitioners~ to pursue. 

Ever wonder what can you do with your communication degree? Here are seven jobs that may befit your skills:

1. Reporter

I bet you already know this one. It’s a common stereotype that most communication students are aiming to follow in the footsteps of famous newscasters in the country. While it may not be true for others, being a reporter is undeniably a thrilling opportunity for those who would like to be in front of the camera. As a reporter, you will tell stories to the public by sharing facts and information you’ve gathered from research and interviews. Your skills in collecting resources, investigating events, and presenting news on cam or on air are essential in this career. 


2. PR/Communication Officer

As a communication student, you will be trained to have good written and verbal communication abilities. These skills will become helpful as a public relations or communication officer as you will be assigned to maintain the positive image of an organization by communicating with the media. A part of your job involves writing press releases, arranging interviews, preparing newsletters, drafting speeches, and handling negative publicity, when necessary. Hence, if you like talking to people and building relationships, this will be a good fit for you. 

3. Filmmaker

If you are into the creative side of the industry, then you can enter the world of film production. As a filmmaker, you will create artistic content to be shown in cinemas, televisions, and nowadays, even on online streaming sites. You can play around with countless genres in this profession, but in general, your experience in broadcast production, script writing, and program building will come in handy. 

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4. Writer

For communication graduates who love to write more than speak, by all means, you can pursue a career in writing. You can apply to write for a variety of media outlets, including newspapers, magazines, and online publications. Additionally, you can also explore a variety of niches, like those related to fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, and food (though the more flexible you are, the better). This line of work requires knowledge in blogging, print publishing, and feature writing, which are all taught in mass communication subjects. 

5. Graphic Designer

Being a graphic designer entails expertise in editing, photography, and visual arts, that’s why this is perfect for degree holders who major in visual communication. This is yet another creative practice as graphic designers are usually tasked with crafting publicity materials, developing website design, and creating diverse artistic content. Graphic artists are typically in demand in corporate companies and digital media agencies. 


6. Events Planner

From product launches to anniversary dinners, event planners are the folks behind-the-scenes who ensure that events go smoothly and successfully. They book venues, arrange hosts, hire caterers, organize decorations, create programs, and coordinate with the press both for small gatherings and grand conferences. Mass communication graduates are especially exposed to collaborative work and in-person negotiations, making them perfect for this career. 

7. Theater Actor  

Although there is a more specialized program in theater performances (i.e. performing arts), those who pursued communication in college can also become theater actors. Communication students are always encouraged to play different roles in productions, pushing them to explore even the intricacies of acting. Thus, communication graduates who enjoy being in the spotlight and want to dive deep into the world of on-stage performances can then work as professional actors in the future.

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