Career Paths For Psych Majors You Didn’t Know You Could Take

by The Candy Staff   |  Aug 3, 2021
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In some ways, choosing our college courses involves taking risks. While we have a basic idea of what the program entails, it's only when we've actually entered college and taken the classes that we realize if it's a degree that's well-suited for us (And if it's not, most people end up shifting to a different course).

If you're currently a Psychology major (or if it's the course you wish to take up in the future), then you'll know that there are several career paths for you to choose from when you graduate. While many take up Psychology to pursue roles related to law, medicine, and well, psychology itself, there are also other not-so-related fields that graduates can explore.

While many have tried going after careers that are worlds different from their college courses and actually succeeded, a Psychology degree can help graduates navigate through these career paths easier.

Here are five of the many career paths Psychology majors can pursue in the future:


Careers in the education sector is one option for Psychology graduates. Having sufficient understanding of children's and young adults' behavior and learning styles is important in the profession, and subjects taken under this degree program may help in attaining this.


All those research papers you submitted as a Psych major may have helped you improve your writing skills and can lead to a career in media or journalism. Aside from research, a background in Psychology can prove useful in conducting interviews with relevant personalities as well as understanding the best ways to address the needs of your target audience through the stories you write. 



Concepts and theories often discussed in Psychology are essential in understanding the motivations and reasons behind criminal acts and their perpetrators, so having this particular background may help jumpstart the process of becoming a full-fledged criminologist.

Marketing roles

Understanding the needs and motivations of a certain market and consequently drawing up campaigns and solutions to help address these needs are major tasks of professionals in the marketing industry. Some schools also have Marketing Psychology as an elective students can take under their respective programs, which may help them deepen their understanding of this field.

Research roles

Research is second nature to Psychology majors. With a background in experimental psychology and research methods, as well as acquired skills ranging from data gathering to analysis, pursuing it as a full-time role after graduation is also a possibility in a variety of industries, including (but are not limited to) the academe, government, and marketing.


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