Still Not Convinced Why It's Cool to be a Correspondent?

Our former student contributors share their best experiences with!
by Macy Alcaraz   |  Jul 2, 2015
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When you're part of a teen website, the first thing that might come to mind is OMG! So cool, I get to meet my celeb crushes, interview my style idols, and get to attend awesome events. But it's not just about that. Here at, we love taking in new student contributors because we're always surprised with how different they are from the batch before them. Their writing styles are varied, their interests are limitless, and their passion always intense.

This year, we're asking you to tell us why—in 300 words or less—you should be the next Correspondent. If you still need any convincing why you should send that email now (send your entry to candymagazine with the subject Correspondents 2015), our former Correspondents share why their experience with was memorable. 

Julianne Suazo, EIC, Rumination, Batch 2013

Being a Correspondent rekindled my passion for writing because I was writing things about that mattered to young empowered women just like myself. The best thing about being a Correspondent was being able to share my own stories and to write new ones that reached out and inspired young women.


Bea Marin, blogger, Zombie in Stilettos, Batch 2013

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Besides the fun exclusive events and meeting an array of people, the best part for me is how I was able to fall more in love with writing. You become both inspired and challenged by the whole creative process behind the Correspondent work. It wasn't your typical leisure writing. You discover more about your writing style and get pushed out of your comfort zone—either with topics you're new to or having to overcome "writer's block" to meet deadlines. You won't leave the job empty-handed, that's for sure!

Mix Supetran, fashion designer, Batch 2012

The best thing about being a Correspondent was writing about anything you wanted to share with your readers. There's no limit to it. You can write about your interests, share tips and how-tos, and even give a little bit of advice. The topics are endless. Aside from that, you'll have the opportunity to go to events and interviews. My favorite would probably be during Candy Fair 2012. It was one of the craziest events I've been to, but it was a lot of fun! Especially the booths and seeing a lot of teens so excited. It shows that Candy really wants to give back to their readers. Everything about being a Correspondent is exciting and I'm privileged I got to be a part of it.


Jann Caitlin Jao, Batch 2011

What I enjoyed the most as a Correspondent were the perks that came with it! Being up close and personal with celebrities, getting into events for free and meeting new friends with the same passion are just some of them.

One of the best memories I had as a Correspondent was featuring Candy's first ever Style Awards. It was such a great experience interviewing famous bloggers as they walk down the red carpet and reporting the event for Candy TV.

Celine Salvador, entrepreneur, Batch 2010

One of the sweetest things that ever happened to me was in 2010 when I was chosen as the People's Choice award winner for the first ever Correspondents. Imagine being able to do all the things that you love for your favorite magazine and website in the world! From writing articles, to covering different events, interviewing the coolest in the 'biz, reviewing the latest albums and movies and even assisting and modelling for shoots—every minute of it was just an absolute learning experience. The most memorable stint would be my very first assignment as a Correspondent where I was tasked to cover Philippine Fashion Week and write all about it! There I was—a wide-eyed girl suddenly mingling with the most famous personalities from the industry, sitting in the front row of PFW, and officially part of the "media." I'm so grateful for the training and knowledge that I got from being a Correspondent. I've grown so much from it and it really did open so many doors for me! I was able to produce for the magazine and even give inspirational talks to teens! The bulk of who I am now as a lady, the values I adhere to, I really owe to Candy and being a Correspondent.


Selina Dagdag, Ateneo Courtside Reporter, Batch 2010

The best thing about my experience as a Correspondent for is being able to go to all these interesting places, and events, meeting all these wonderful people, and being able to share these experiences with my fellow Candy Girls!

So what are you waiting for? Send in your entry now! We're looking forward to meeting the new batch. :)

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