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"What do you notice in a guy in the first 5 minutes, first conversation and first date?"
  |  Aug 21, 2007
photos by Pat Dy (editors), Ocs Alvarez (Angel), and Dakila Angeles (Mia and Roch)
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The Candy eds share what they notice during their firsts. How about you? What do you notice?

miac.jpg In the first five minutes, I notice the guy's outfit and whether or not he smells good. In the first conversation, I notice how he blends English with Filipino, and whether he has nice hands. If his hands are too burly or too feminine, it's a total deal-breaker for me! And on the first date, I take note if he's a gentleman who knows how to treat a lady like a queen. Mia, Editor in Chief
jennie.jpg If he's worth my time beyond the firsts ;> —Jennie, Beauty Editor
angel.jpg In the first five minutes, I notice his looks—whether he has nice eyes and a nice smile. In our first conversation, I notice how comfortable he is with talking to me, what he likes to talk about, and how warm and friendly he is. On our first date, I can gauge how well we get along and whether or not I would want to go out with him again for a second date! :) Angel, Assistant Features Editor
marla.jpg I don't have to find a guy super cute at first glance (because a guy's cuteness level can raise or drop several notches after the first five minutes), but sloppy dressers and poor hygiene are big turn-offs for me. First conversation, I notice how humble or presko he is. If he talks to me like he thinks I'm absolutely dying to go out with him, then it's bye-bye, baby. Dorky stuttering is actually a plus for me. Haha! And finally, on the first date, I try to see the finer details-how he treats the waiter, if he smiles at little kids, if he stares at other girls, the things he finds funny, etc. First dates are usually a time to put your best foot forward, but if you look closely, you can most likely tell if he's a genuinely nice guy or just pretending to be one to impress you. :) Marla, Editorial Assistant
macy.jpg The first five minutes, it's all just physical. Haha! During the first conversation, I notice if he looks into my eyes. I'm quite shy and have a hard time keeping eye contact (I fake it by looking between the eyes, hehe). If he makes an effort to look me in the eye, that's something. On the first date, I notice the small things like him holding out the door for me, pulling out the chair, and stuff that make old-fashioned me kilig to death. The second date is another story altogether. —Macy, Web and Mobile Producer
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