Candy Superheroes

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
  |  Aug 7, 2007
photos by Pat Dy (editors), Dakila Angeles (Mia and Roch), and courtesy of 20th Century Fox (My Super Ex-Girlfriend)
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The Candy eds dream of having superpowers! If you could choose, what would you pick as yours?

miac.jpgI'd love to be able to breathe underwater with no equipment whatsoever. Then I could stay submerged forever and try all sorts of water sports! I'd also love to have super strength so I can defend my family, friends, and puppy when bad guys come along! Mia, Editor in Chief
mimi.jpgDefinitely apparating and disapparating in a snap! Just imagine all the exotic the places I could visit and how much money I'd save from plane tickets and airport fees.—Mimi, Managing Editor
angel.jpgThe power to fly, so I can literally reach greater heights, and the power to become invisible, so I can perform random acts of kindness (or naughtiness!) without people knowing. :) —Angel, Assistant Features Editor
margaux.jpgI always wanted to have the power to control time (like Hiro Nakamura!). I could rewind to those times I committed lots of boo-boos and change how I acted. This power would also come in handy during tests, interviews, and any occasion where I'm pressed for time! —Margaux, Fashion Assistant
marla.jpgOne of the biggest contradictions about me is that I'm very organized yet very forgetful. I leave my school stuff at home, my work stuff in school, and my personal stuff at work...and I don't even realize it until it's too late to go back for whatever I left behind. I'm not sure if this is considered a superpower, but I want to be able to "accio" everything—from books to jackets to water bottles to important papers. Think of all the mental notes and Post-its having this superpower would save! :P Marla, Editorial Assistant
macy.jpgFlying is out of the question because I'm deathly afraid of heights. Invisibility is overrated. What I'd totally love is to have the power to bend the time-space continuum (too much Heroes?). Imagine, I can just concentrate really hard and *poof* I'm in New York. How awesome would that be!? (starts concentrating really hard >_<)—Macy, Web and Mobile Producer
roch.jpgI'd love to transport from one place to another in a split second. Wouldn't it be nice to wake up 7:30 in the morning when you need to be at work at 8am? You don't need to worry about getting late and being stuck in traffic. With just one snap, Taddah! :D—Roch, Web and Mobile Producer

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