Candy Rookies Try The Limited-Edition McDonald's Dreamy Delights

Find out if these desserts are worth the try.
Dec 11, 2019
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Candy Rookies Try The Limited-Edition McDonald's Dreamy Delights

McDonald’s launched new food products to make things even sweeter.

McDonald's launched Dreamy Delights, a new selection of irresistible desserts. There’s something for everyone, whatever your poison may be: Coffee McFlurry with Oreo for the caffeine junkies, Brown Sugar Sundae with Pearls for the brown sugar lovers, Rich Chocolate Pie for the chocoholics, and Milk Tea McFloat with Brown Sugar Pearls for the milk tea fanatics.

The question remains though: Are these new desserts actually worth the moolah? We asked the Candy Rookies to try them out and share their thoughts.

1. Team Coffee McFlurry with Oreo

It's basically the McFlurry with Oreo, but think coffee aroma and a mild roast taste to offset the overall sweetness of the ice cream.

Jeff: Out of all the Dreamy Delights desserts, my favorite is the Coffee McFlurry with Oreo. As a coffee and ice cream fan, the combination of both makes one perfect dessert for me.

Chloe: I like how the mildly bitter taste of the coffee syrup and the sweetness of the sundae and crushed Oreos blend together. If you love coffee and sweets, you should definitely try out this dessert.

2. Team Brown Sugar Sundae with Pearls

Inspired by the brown sugar milk tea, this sundae cup comes with brown sugar syrup and—you guessed it—pearls.

PJ: Not only is the Brown Sugar Sundae with Pearls insanely affordable at P49, it’s also a different take on brown sugar. I never knew brown sugar syrup and pearls could elevate the already delicious McDo sundae. Two thumbs up!

Tiffany: The Brown Sugar Sundae is a unique concept, especially with the addition of pearls. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves ice cream as much as I do.

3. Team Rich Chocolate Pie

The Rich Chocolate Pie is exactly what it claims to be—thick, luscious dark chocolate filling sealed in a cocoa-flavored pie crust.

Julianne: The Rich Chocolate Pie is not as sweet as you’d think it would be so it isn’t overwhelming. It has the right amount of bitter and sweet chocolate and is the perfect way to cap a meal. I think it would pair well with Chicken McNuggets and fries.

Allie: Before trying it myself, I actually thought that the Rich Chocolate Pie would be too sweet for my liking, but I was pleasantly surprised. The chocolate exceeded my expectations as it had just the right amount of sweetness in every bite. I would recommend it to my friends because if I liked it, I figured they would, too.

4. Team Milk Tea McFloat with Brown Sugar Pearls

And just when you think McDonald's can't possibly top its Milk Tea McFloat, they now serve it with brown sugar pearls.

River: I enjoyed the Milk Tea McFloat with Brown Sugar Pearls because I am a big fan of milk tea! If you're on a budget, the Milk Tea McFloat is more affordable than other milk tea brands. I also like that it's topped with ice cream.

The Rookies have spoken, and it’s a five-star rating for McDonald’s Dreamy Delights. If you’re still not convinced, head to the nearest McDonald’s branch to try these desserts out for yourself. You can also share them with friends to really get into the holiday spirit. Follow McDonald’s on Facebook to keep updated.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with McDONALD'S.

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