Fresh Air, Netflix, and a Sleep Schedule: How 4 Students Stay Healthy at Home

Let's take care of ourselves!
by Gianna Sibal   |  Mar 17, 2021
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It’s probably not a good idea to sit in front of our computers all day, facing our screens and our cameras and battling with the mute button. But we’re one year into quarantine, and being stuck at home still means: no gym, a constant grind for our online classes, and the never-ending feeling of burnout.

Our four Candy Rookies open up about how they balance being physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy despite being busy college students, and share how they continue to ‘get this bread’ every day with their tips and tricks and know-hows. 

Broadcast Communication student Cheska Adriano balances her hectic schedule and keeping herself healthy and motivated every day by:

  1. Having a mindset that it’s health over acads. “I think it’s very important lalo na ngayon people are juggling a lot of stuff, so when things get overwhelming, I make sure to take a rest before I do the tasks I need to do,” Cheska shared, and we totally agree with her on that. What can we do if our bodies aren’t well-rested?
  2. Having me time. Cheska sets a much-needed date with herself for a one-day break where she takes a step back and focuses on the things she loves doing: baking, dancing, photography. But, sometimes, with her busy schedule, the one-day break can turn into spoiling herself with tasty food or a good nap.
  3. Avoiding cramming. As a student, Cheska is no stranger to stress—but she sidesteps it as much as she can by trying to do her acads and tasks as early as possible! We wonder if she keeps a planner...

This Candy Rookie also gave us some food for thought from her therapist: “If you can’t do anything about your worries, then don’t worry about it.” Although it sounds really hard, Cheska, a natural worrier, said that it’s helped her a lot and hopes it may help you, too.

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On the physical wellness side of things—equally as important as our mental and emotional health—Candy Rookie Jana Legaspi, a Communication student, makes sure she gets her daily dose of fresh air and sun after accomplishing her school tasks. Jana shares that she alternates between biking, hiking, and golfing at least four times a week! Sometimes, she would also just simply do floor workouts on her yoga mat. "I could say I'm obsessed with endorphins," she tells us. 


Busy bee Bea Javate has a lot of other commitments besides being a Candy Rookie and a Communications Technology Management student—how does she do it?

To this sophomore, having a good sleep schedule to stick to keeps her energized and ready for whatever the day brings! Bea makes sure that, while juggling all her responsibilities, she's clocking off at 10:30 so she can sleep by 11 or earlier, and start the next day ready to take on her modules, org work, and internships. "With all the stuff that I have to attend to daily, I'd probably go crazy if I just allow it to consume and overwhelm me," Bea shares. 


But what's a thing that really helps her unwind? Easy—Tetris and Modern Family.

Though connections are made online in this pandemic, Bea's favorite forms of relaxation would be binge-watching the classic sit-com on Netflix and playing Tetris with her friends. 

Lastly, DLSU Green Archer Dana De Leon who’s studying Advertising Management thinks that although online classes are very draining, mental health should be something we should prioritize and give importance to because it affects how we think and feel throughout the day.


Here’s Dana’s guide to help her take a step back, relax, and breathe:

  • Watch some Netflix to relax her mind! (She recommends Grey’s Anatomy…)
  • Read some positivity quotes and Bible verses! Dana shares that with these, she’s reminded that hard times will pass eventually.
  • Order comfort food! It’s milk tea and a burger for Dana here, what about you guys?


These Candy Rookies manage to get things done while also prioritizing their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It's important that as students, we take care of ourselves!

How do you balance your health and school? 


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