Candy Girls Share Their Must-Haves to Start Fresh Every Day

Stock up on these essentials.
May 25, 2016
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Candy Girls Share Their Must-Haves to Start Fresh Every Day

How do you start your day right? You've got to start fresh, especially now that the weather's all moody—it’s always uncomfortably warm and humid, rain or shine. Let these Candy Girls and certified Candy Freshies show you what you need:

A Smile

The moment you wake up, think and act like it's going to be a great day. Claim it, and attract good vibes. 

"#StartFresh with a smile, along with #LactacydTeens every working day, to feel confident and positive." —Sophia Geronimo


A Refreshing Shower

Got stressed the previous day? Stayed up all night? Hop in the shower, and get an energy boost. Go ahead, and dance or make it a private concert, too—whatever floats your boat! Even during period, a shower helps a lot in keeping you fresh, but make sure you use the right cleanser for your feminine area (not just any soap) so that you can prevent odor and discomfort. 

"Feeling fresh will boost your confidence. When you have [enough] confidence, you can finish anything you have to do quickly without hassle" Pauline Anne Cayetano, 17



Aside from warding off odor through your feminine wash, spritz your favorite light scent in the morning to set the tone of your day. 

"Spray on your favorite cologne and have it with you always. You have to smell good all the time." —Jeanne Rachel Matubis, 18



It pays to protect your skin as early as now. Trust us—twenty years from now, you'll be thankful.

"Put on SPF for protection before going out, especially if you commute. It's very hot in the morning."  —Mary Campos, 19


Eyebrows On Fleek!

Yes, kilay is everything! Your homework: Learn the perfect arch shape for your face, and always keep your eyebrows groomed.

"I can't leave the house without doing my eyebrows first!" —Via Isabel Rosales, 17  


A Hearty Breakfast

Fill up that empty tummy with the fuel you need for the day ahead. End your meal with a plate of fruits or maybe some cold pressed juices to feel more refreshed and energized!

"I like having a cheese omelette or bacon plus garlic fried rice. I also like having fruit juices and fresh fruits in the morning." —Ada Gonzales, 19 


Proper Hygiene Habits

Of course, take steps like to actually feel fresh from day to night and adopt the right hygienic routines, such as using the right feminine wash as needed throughout the day, so any icky feeling in your body doesn't get in the way.

No matter what the weather is or what you have planned out, here's your must-have for a fresh start every day: Lactacyd Teens. It's mild and safe for daily use and gives you long-lasting freshness and triple protection from stickiness, discomfort, and odor. It has natural milk-based ingredients that help fight stickiness, aloe vera that helps prevent discomfort, and rosemary that helps protect against odor. When you're feeling fresh, you can face the day with confidence! 

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Lactacyd.


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