A Candy Girl's Guide To Finding Her Way Around the Kitchen

Not everybody is a Master Chef in the kitchen but these simple tips will make you feel like one! Save time and effort on your next cooking experiment by reading through the list.
by Melanie Santiago   |  Jan 10, 2015
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  1. DIY Cupcake Liners Using Parchment Paper
    Cupcake liners can be expensive especially for when you whip up a quick batch of pastries, use some cheap parchment paper instead, click the pin to learn how!

  2. Prevent Leftover Cake From Going  Stale
    As much as we want to binge eat everything during parties, we usually end up eating a slice of a perfectly good cake. Prevent sliced parts from going crumbly by using pieces of bread which retains its freshness for the next day.

  3. How to Open The Impossible Jar
    When you can't open your fave jam, peanut butter, nutella (the list goes on) things could get pretty ugly, avoid all the hassle by following 3 easy tricks in this pin.

  4. Lemon & Lime Ice Cubes
    Add zest to a plain pitcher of water by using fruit ice cubes. Simply place slices of lemon or any other fruit in a muffin tin and water. Freeze overnight for a refreshing iced drink.

  5. Homemade Fruit & Vegetable Wash
    Make sure your fruits and veggies are clean before you eat them, this pin shows you a simple recipe to create a safe cleaning solution for your food.

  6. DIY Frozen Yoghurt Pops
    Stick popsicle sticks in the lid of your yoghurt pack and freeze overnight for a tasty, healthy treat!

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  7. Ice Cream Storage Tip
    Store your ice cream tub in a ziplock freezer bag before putting it in the fridge and you won't get rock hard ice cream! (No bent spoons!)

  8. Leftover Sauce
    Don't waste leftover sauce, instead pour it in an ice cube tray and store it for when you need it again.

  9. Veggie Cooking Cheat Sheet
    Get perfectly cooked vegetables every time! Whether you plan on boiling, steaming or microwaving them, this printable guide will let you know the ideal period of time to do so.

  10. Remove Odor from Containers
    Is the odor from your container’s previous snack bothering you? You can deodorize it by filling it up with newspaper for a while but be sure to wash it again before use.

  11. Egg Freshness Guide
    One way to tell if eggs are still good to eat is the float test. Grab a bowl with cold water and check if the eggs still sink to the bottom (they're still fresh), click the pin for a visual guide.

  12. How to Keep Onions & Garlic Fresh
    Keep onions or garlic fresh for longer periods of time by simply storing it in paper bags with punched holes in them, this pin shows you how!

  13. Marshmallow Saver
    Keep your brown sugar from clumping by keeping a couple marshmallows in the container. The marshmallows ability to hold moisture keeps it from being absorbed by the sugar.

  14. TicTac Spice Containers
    If you’re just starting out your cooking journey, why not recycle some tictac containers that are perfect for a cheap storage solution for your spice collection. It’s also handy on trips!

  15. Ice Cube Cookie Tray Dough
    Get healthier this 2015 by following this simple tip. Use an ice tray to portion out cookie or pastry dough. Check this pin out to know how.

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