Candy Cuties Talk Books and More at the Pop Fiction Festival

by Chloe Ramirez, Alyssa Jose   |  Mar 4, 2015
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Last weekend's Pop Fiction festival was tons of fun filled with lots of books (of course), authors, games, prizes, and even Candy Cuties! We made sure to catch up with your favorite cute boys like Khalil Ramos, Phytos Ramirez, James Wright, and Jak Roberto as we talked about the awesome event, books, and everything in between. 

What do you think of the Pop Fiction Festival?

Khalil: "It's actually quite amazing. Well first of all, I'm honored to be here, to perform for them. It's really cool knowing these are independent writers. We have very, very talented and skilled independent writers here in the Philippines. Actually I look up to them because as a singer I also write and it's really cool to be here with them and performing in front of them."

Phytos: "Makikita mo dito lahat ng tao sobrang excited na ma-meet yung mga authors and 'yung mga authors nag-kakakilakilala and nag-kakabigayan sila ng tips kung paano nila ginawa yung story. So maganda 'yung gumawa nitong Pop Fiction Festival na ipagsama sama lahat ng mga authors."

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What do you think the future holds for Filipino writers?

Khalil: "Well, it's obviously bright. I think it's not impossible na dadami pa yung writers; for sure through social media, through events like this, they will be encouraged. Writers throughout the whole Philippines will be encouraged to write, ang dami pa niyan for sure."

Phytos: "For me it will be bright kasi like the Wattpad stories, lahat talaga sobrang dami nilang readers. Kasi ako gumagawa ako ng Wattpad na shows so talagang inaabangan ng tao, lahat kinikilig, lahat na-e-excite mapanood. So for me bright talaga and I'm excited for it."


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If you would do a book-turned-movie, what would the genre of the book be?

Phytos: "Ang hirap, parang it's mixed eh. Parang romance na action. Kasi yung medyo idea ko is there's this nerdy guy in school na binubully-bully and then magkakagusto siya sa isang prof, and then psycho pala siya. Pero pagdating sa school nerdy lang siya na binubully-bully. Hindi nila alam killer pala talaga siya. Ang gulo eh. "

Jak: "Siguro more on romance because tayong mga Pilipino mahilig sa pagibig at romance. So siguro yun and kung mayroon pang iba siguro, wala naman akong pinipili eh. Basta lang magfifit sa akin, game tayo diyan." 

James: "To put it short, magic, mystery sa akin lang. Kasi ako, even though meron din akong idea tulad ni Phytos but it's not as creative as Phytos's. Iba yun eh, ibang klase yun eh."

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