Can you get what you want?

A better grade or a bigger allowance—it all depends on how well you Francesca Delbanco
Your crush's birthday bash is this Saturday, and your Mom is treating you like Cinderalla: home by midnight or you'll be driving a pumpkin around town. When you hear this threat, you
Offer to clean the entire house and stay home Friday night in exchange for one extra hour on Saturday.
shoot your best "Aw, darn" smile at Mom and get busy jimmying the lock on your bedroom window.
go upstairs and grab the TV guide to see the program lineup for Saturday night.
You sang your heart out at auditions for a West Side Story. But when the cast list was posted, your name was nowhere in sight. You
ask the director how you could've done better—maybe your professional attitude will land you a spot in the chorus.
storm in the first cast meeting and ask what Mr. Big-Time Broadway Director was thinking when he cut you from the play.
knew you shouldn't have tried out—your friends always make fun of you when you sing in the car.
You're usually the first one out of the locker room for gym class. But you hate the swimming unit. You tell your teacher that
you'd rather work on the backstroke than the freestyle—you really hate putting your face underwater.
you're allergic to chlorine and can't get your skin wet.
you forgot your bathing cap. Tomorrow you'll forget your suit, and then your towel, and so on, until the end of the sem.
Your parents have invited Lola Estella over for dinner on the same night as your best friend's sleepover. You
know you're not getting out of this one. You'll call your friends between the lumpia and leche flan—it's almost as good as being there.
suffer through the entire meal, then ask for a ride to the party.
offer to pick up Lola Estella and stay at the table through the salad course. If you do all that, they're sure to set you free/
The dress code at your school is ancient, and by the end of freshman year you're so over the checkered skit thing. You
investigate for modernizing your school’s dress code and circulate a petition among students, parents, and faculty.
post a countdown till semestral break on your closet door and start saving up for few awesome gimmick outfits.
funk things up with thigh-high tights and hope you don't get busted.
On Friday night you and your kid brother agree to chill out and rent a movie. You scan the new releases and then
Resign yourself to a fun-filled night with action figures that come to life.
Compromise on Urban Legend—it’s creepy enough to scare him, plus it's got Joshua Jackson for you.
suggest getting Ever After for you and Small Soldiers for him (again).
Mrs. Gatmaitan, your English teacher, is famous for her tough grading, but the time she went overboard. You
Consult your English teacher from last year on the merits of your paper. Then submit a formal complaint to the principal.
Stay after class to discuss delegated action. When she sees that you really know your stuff, she'll give you a few more points.
kick yourself for not working harder. Four drafts of a Macbeth paper just aren't enough.
You're planning to meet with your study group before the French test. When it's time to divvy up topics to prepare in advance, you
Voice your preference for reading comprehension, then hang back. If somebody else chooses Sartre, you can just rehash your vocab.
End up doing the verb-tense review. It's boring, but c'est la vie.
shout, "I'll take Parisian geography!" before anybody else pipes in. After all, you're going to live there someday.
You and your sister seem to be on the same Internet schedule: Whenever one of you is e-mailing friends, the other gets a desperate urge to Yahoo! You
Arrange to meet your best friend in a chat room next time Sis is at play rehearsal or work.
Practice cybersabotage by picking up the phone and interrupting her modem connection.
type up a computer-sharing chart, then take turns choosing time slots.
Elections are coming up for Junior Prom Committee, and you’ve got more theme ideas than the mall has taffeta dresses. Your campaign strategy is to
See who else is running. If your chances look bad, you’ll just sit out the election and attend the first brainstorming meeting.
Plaster the school with photos from proms past. Then pledge to decheese this year's event.
spread the word to your friends—that's 15 votes right there.
Your grandparents' idea of a perfect birthday present is a long-sleeved flannel nightgown very ruffled and very heavy. You
Ooh and aah, then the stuff nightie in the back of your pajama drawer and tell yourself to pull it out next time they come over.
Figure you can wear it around the house—on Sundays when you’re absolutely not having girlfriends over for a slumber party.
try it on and pretend it doesn't fit. Oh well, at least you can exchange it for a pair of skinny jeans.
Your piggy bank is awfully empty these days. You're about due for a cost-of-living adjustment—that is, a raise in allowance. You
Ask if you can take on another chore to earn a little more dinero for your weekly expenses: lunch, MRT fare, and the occasional "70 percent off" purchase at the mall.
Beg for an extra P100 every week until Dad gives in to keep you quiet.
place a "tip" on Mom's dresser table and hope she gets the hint.










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