Can Architects Become Rich? Oliver Austria Weighs In

As someone who actually works in that field (and topped the boards, for that matter!), Architect Oliver's POV is one you can trust.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Jun 24, 2021
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People choose their career paths for different reasons. Some go after what they're passionate about, and some pursue jobs that would help them live a more comfortable life. Some accept a job because of the experience it will give them, while others prioritize salary. It all depends on our situation in life, and there's no one correct answer.

If it's your dream to become an architect, we're sure you've got plenty of questions about the profession and what it entails (like how much it pays, or what skillset you need for it). Doing research by way of Googling your questions is one way to learn more about it, but another helpful way is when a pro actually answers these frequently asked questions.

God thing architect and YouTube content creator Oliver Austria decided to answer the most Googled questions about architects, so you won't have to search for them one by one. And as someone who actually works in that field (and topped the boards, for that matter!), Architect Oliver's POV is one you can trust. Here's what the YouTube personality has to say about some of the most asked questions about his profession:


Do architects need to be good at math?

According to Oliver, that would be a yes. In architecture, you don't just have to be good at drawing (there are a lot of plates that need to be submitted in architecture school!), you also need to brush up on your math skills. Good thing, though, is that math is something you can get good at with constant practice over time, so start mastering the subject as early as you can.

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Can architects get rich?

Architect Oliver says that it depends! There are architects who excel in their profession and get paid ~a lot~ (he refers to them as "starchitects"). There are also those who are more low-key and just earn a modest amount of income from their profession.

Can architects have tattoos?

Why not, says the architect-YouTuber. According to him, the "clean-cut" image of architects so often portrayed in pop culture may be one reason why people think they can't get tattoos, but it isn't exactly true. "You might see me someday with face tattoos and neck tattoos," the architect jokes.


Got a lot more questions about architects? Watch Oliver's video here in case he already answered it:


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