6 Things Only Students Who Are BS Org Can Relate To

by Renee Isabella Aguila   |  Feb 15, 2023
Image: Pexels Art: Bacs Arcebal
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The ~BS Org~ life is a unique experience. Being part of several orgs while juggling academics and social life may seem impossible. But if you’re a student who can take on the challenge to widen their horizons, it’s certainly worth it to hop on the BS Org ride. 

If you wanna know more about what’s in store for you when you take this path, check out our list of six things only students who are BS Org will relate to below:

1. Getting a glimpse of the professional world

Upon entering org life, you’ll see how it’s quite different from the after-school clubs you had in high school. From making your first resume to being nervous for an org interview, joining orgs immerses you in the professional world. You won’t be able to easily join orgs though by signing up because several of them have application processes or auditions you must pass. So, prepare with what you can offer to the orgs you’re planning to apply and make sure you stand out professionally too!

2. Going to several org meetings regularly

In orgs, you’d have to attend org meetings every now and then to discuss with your org-mates the agenda for activities, projects, and other events. You’ll have to set aside time for these meetings to make sure you don’t miss anything and that you’re all on the same page. Additionally, you would sometimes bring your meals to org meetings too just to make sure you’re on time and still take care of yourself. 


3. Meeting people from different courses and backgrounds

Being a ~BS Org~ student, you’ll meet different kinds of people from various orgs. You’ll get to experience a more diverse environment by building connections with your org-mates. This will be a big plus for you when you graduate, too, since your org-mates will really help *widen* your network! 

4. Learning what it means to have ~commitment~

In a relationship with the ~BS Org life~? You certainly know what it means to have commitment! From checking GCs regularly to attending every meeting, you make sure that you show your dedication and effort to your orgs. It’s a tiring experience but the commitment is fulfilling for you because you get to be part of organizations with values and advocacies you’re passionate about. 

5. Having to maintain a balance between acads and orgs

Speaking of commitment and dedication, BS Org students are used to having to balance academics and orgs. With orgs only being an extra-curricular, you know that education is still more important. You remember to always catch up on lessons, and modules, and you especially *do not* ghost your groupmates! It’s pretty much one of the unsaid rules in org-life to not use your orgs as an excuse to miss out on your academics.

6. Gaining experience and improving your skills

One of the main advantages of the BS Org life is gaining ~experience~. You get to learn a lot of things such as learning more about the advocacies you have and even improving your skills by contributing to your org. Besides that, you get to update your resume and your portfolio with the work you’ve done. It’s a fulfilling experience to see your work and skills being needed by your orgs. Plus, the BS Org life for you is a continuous learning experience because you’re willing to learn a lot from your peers, seniors, and yourself.

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