Everything You Need to Know Before Applying to British School Manila

Fun fact: Atasha Muhlach and Dominique Cojuangco studied at this school!
by Kyle Ramiel Dalangin   |  Jun 3, 2023
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Despite starting as a school of 36 students only, the British School Manila now accommodates over 900 students of more than 40 nationalities each year. It is the oldest and only private and non-profit international school in Manila which offers a British curriculum to students aged three to 18.

Before applying to British School Manila, here are some things you should take note of:

History of the British School Manila

As mentioned, the British School Manila started with only 36 students after it was established in 1976 at the old Union Church. In 1980, they moved to Merville, Parañaque where they grew with 107 students. By 2001, they permanently began operating in Bonifacio Global City, Metro Manila. Through time, they were able to develop the school and become the first international school in the Philippines to be accredited by the Council of International School (CIS). 

To achieve their goal of providing  holistic international education to English-speaking students, BSM uses an adapted form of the British curriculum and offers the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). They have an outstanding passing rate of  98.3% in IB Diploma. 


What the British School Manila Offers 

With their curriculum, they offer key stages to their students including: Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) for ages 3-5; Key Stage 1 (KS1) for ages 5-7; Key Stage 2 (KS2) for ages 8-10; Key Stage 3 (KS3) for ages 11-13; Key Stage 4 (KS4) for ages 14-16; and Key Stage 5 (KS5) for ages 16-18. They also offer Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) and Physical Education as they believe that these are central components in children’s education. In support of this, they built the Creative Arts Centre in 2019. 

To provide students with informed decisions before going into their college life, they have experienced College Counselors who offer advice on higher education and career opportunities. Along with this, they also support students in their college application, provide assistance for those seeking internship opportunities, and plan regular visits from overseas and regionally-based universities. 

How to Apply to the British School Manila

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BSM strictly follows a maximum number of students per year level. Generally, they maintain 22 students with three classes for each year level. The only exceptions are Nursery, which only has one class of 25 students, and Reception, which has three classes of 21 students. For years 10 to 11, they aim to accommodate not more than 20 students. IB classes also don’t exceed more than 16 students per class. If you want to be one of these students, here’s how to apply:

  1. Complete the Student Application here
  2. Provide the following admission requirements:
    1. School reports from the two previous years, including the most recent one. 
      1. For students coming from non-British curriculum, provide a transcript guide showing the equivalence of your grades to the British grading system and samples of your current English and Math works.
    2. School recommendation forms
      1. You may request the current school to complete two recommendations including one from the current class teacher/form tutor and one from headteacher/principal.
    3. Passport
      1. A copy of the main page (biographic page) of the parent's & child’s passport including photo, date of birth, passport number, issuance, and expiry date.
    4. Birth Certificate
    5. Photographs
      1. 2×2 in photo of the child on white background
      2. 2×2 in photo of parent(s) white background
    6. Application fee 
      1. Copy of non-refundable proof of payment of P22,000.00

      Keep in mind that they require an English assessment on application that is appropriate to the student’s age. Along with this, they also have waiting pool and admissions priority with four categories:

      1. Category 1 includes dependents of British diplomats and British expatriates residing in the Philippines, Commonwealth diplomats, and Foreign diplomats.
      2. Category 2 includes dependents of Commonwealth nationals residing in the Philippines by virtue of expatriate employment status and other nationals residing in the Philippines by virtue of expatriate employment status.
      3. Category 3 includes dependents of siblings of enrolled students not in Category 1 or 2, dependents of other expatriates residing in the Philippines by virtue of residence status, and dependents of BSM Alumni not in Category 1 or 2.
      4. Category 4 includes dependents of families not included in Category 1 to 3

      Applications for Term 2 of School Year 2023-2024 will end on October 16, 2023.

      How Much Tuition and Other Fees Cost at the British School Manila

      Aside from the application fee, successful applicants must pay tuition and other fees at BSM. Their tuition fees have two currency components—GBP and PHP which both must be paid. Students must pay a tuition fee of:

      1. GBP 975 and P92,065 per term for Nursery;
      2. GBP 1,950 and P183,130 per term for Reception to Year 6 students;
      3. GBP 2,170 and P207,565 per term for Year 7 to 9 students;
      4. GBP 2,290 and P217,720 per term for Year 10 to 11 students; and
      5. GBP 2,530 and P243,125 per term for Year 12 to 13 students.

      They also have to pay an entrance fee of P339,450 and P2,500 for their yearbook. The external exam fees will also be charged at cost as incurred. Along with these, students from nursery to year 13 also have to pay a Capital Development Fee of P 47,825 per term. For students who require further learning support, they must pay a Learning Support Fee which ranges from P 23,000 to P 95,000 per term depending on the stage that  the student belongs to. 


      Famous Alumni From the British School Manila

      BSM is also home to students and alumni who made their name known to us. One of them is Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzalez’s daughter, Atasha Muhlach. Dominique Cojuangco, daughter of Gretchen Barretto and Tonyboy Cojuangco, also studied at  BSM from primary to IB. 

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