Book Lovers Unite at Firgun

by Lausanne Barlaan   |  Feb 24, 2015
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What do you get when you put together a literature-powered enterprise, good coffee, several bookworms, and lots of books? Firgun: A Book Sharing Event is the answer. Produced by The Dream Shirt, a small company that produces shirts inspired by books, Firgun was aimed to create a gathering that will inspire literature lovers to share their books with other people.  

And boy, did they succeed. Last February 21, book lovers flocked to Makati's Local Edition coffee shop for an afternoon of book swapping and cool freebies. The mechanics for the book swap were easy: all the books brought by the attendees were compiled into one big book pile; the number of books you brought is the number of books you can take home. The selection was wide and varied: from classic novels to poetry books, memoirs to young adult novels.

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After the book swapping, attendees were treated to an inspiring talk by Carla De Guzman, author of the book Cities. A self-published author, Carla encouraged the bookworms to write well and show off their work through publication, giving tips on how to get started with self-publishing. The event was made sweeter with good food and drinks served by Local Edition, and Belle de Jour planners, Fitness First gift certificates and other freebies were given away to lucky bookworms.

What about you, Candy Girls?  What are the books you're willing to let go of and what are the books you'd love to receive?

For their products and future book-related events, visit The Dream Shirt at

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