BFF Treatment

The Candy Eds tell how they make their best friends feel special.
  |  Oct 12, 2010
staff photo by Patrick Martires
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How about you? How do you make your BFF feel special?

mimi.jpg I surprise her with books I know she'd love and treat her to dinner at our favorite haunt: Chili's! —Mimi, Managing Editor
angel.jpg I try to be there for her whenever she needs me. Doing little things like sending her a text message just to ask how she is or buying her something that I know she'd really like would make her feel special too! —Angel, Associate Features Editor
marla.jpg I keep in touch with her despite the distance. She's working in Dubai but we still make it a point to talk about the important things—like how hot Mason Lockwood is on The Vampire Diaries. Haha! —Marla, Associate Lifestyle Editor
macy.jpg I don't think there's really anything out of the ordinary I do to make my best friend feel special. We don't see each other very often but whenever we can, we make it a point to meet. Whether it's as simple as grabbing a bite to eat or going window shopping together, time spent together is always special! —Macy, Web Managing Editor
roch.jpg Despite my busy schedule, I try my best to check up on her as much as I can. A simple text message or a phone call means a lot to both of us. :) —Roch, Web Staff Writer

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