6 of the Best Schools for MBA in the Philippines

There are a handful of local educational institutions highly regarded in terms of providing excellent education and training in the field.
by The Candy Staff   |  Aug 31, 2021
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With the pandemic cutting out job opportunities, many have resorted to putting up their own businesses and startups as a means of earning income. Even students have embarked on their respective entrepreneurial journeys to make their passions a reality and earn extra money while they're at it (ICYDK, there are a handful of successful local businesses managed by students).

Still, putting up a business is one thing, but making sure it thrives—or at least stays afloat—is another. Many entrepreneurs go as far as taking up further studies to make sure they are well-equiped with the proper resources to overcome every obstable in running a business. While a master's degree related to business is not a surefire way to ensure success, learning about business principles in an in-depth manner and knowing how to apply them to real-world situations may help.

And if you're not looking to build your own business, a Master of Business Administration degree may help you earn the trust of employers looking to fill in management positions in their companies. Whatever reason you have for considering a MBA, know that a handful of local educational institutions are highly regarded in terms of providing excellent education and training in the field. Here, we're listing down six of the best schools for MBA, according to Eduniversal Rankings, a global ranking and rating agency from France which releases an annual rankings of business schools in the world.

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6 of the best MBA schools in the Philippines

Asian Institute of Management (AIM)

In Eduinversal’s rankings, Asian Institute of Management garnered four Palmes of Excellence, meaning it’s among the "top business schools with significant international influence." AIM’s Master in Business Administration program hones its students in solution-oriented business philosophies by allowing them to experience what it’s like to be consultants for the Institute’s partner companies and organizations.

AIM's curriculum for their MBA program includes courses in Financial Management, Managerial Statistics, Managing Cost and Profit, Global Strategy, and electives or concentrations on Digital Marketing, Sustainable Finance, FinTech, and more.

Ateneo de Manila University

The Ateneo De Manila University Graduate School Of Business received three Palmes of Excellence from Eduniversal, putting it among the "excellent business schools with reinforcing international influence." The institution has several programs under the Graduate School of Business, all of which aim to instill in students a comprehensive understanding of leadership and management principles.


The curriculum includes in-depth classes tackling Business Communication, Accounting, Business Ethics, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, and more. They also offer electives on Business Intelligence, Electronic Commerce, Project Management, Financial Engineering, and Entrepreneurship, among others.

De La Salle University

De La Salle University's Ramon V. del Rosario College of Business also has three Palmes of Excellence in the rankings. The curriculum of their MBA program is divided into three: foundation courses, core courses, and electives. Classes to be taken up under the program include La Sallian Business Leadership, Ethics, and CSR, Quantitative Methods for Decision Making, Management Accouting, Operations Management, Informational Management, and more.

University of the Philippines

The UP Virata School of Business has three Palmes of Excellence, according to Eduniversal. The MBA program is specially designed to give aspiring managers a headstart in their respective careers through rigorous programs in business and finance. 

Among the courses taught under the program are related to Economic Analysis, Management Science, Corporate Financial Planning, and Organizational Behavior.


University of Santo Tomas

The University of Santo Tomas UST Graduate School received two Palmes of Excellence, dubbing it among "good business schools with strong regional influence." The institution's MBA program hopes to hone its students into professionals with a diverse set of skills in analyzing, assessing, and communicating information, as well as critical thinkers that are not afraid to entertain creative solutions to business-related problems.

The MBA program includes courses in Management and Marketing Principles, Accounting and Finance, Economics, St. Thomas and Critical Thinking, Good Governance and Corporate Responsibility, Production and Operations Management, and more.

University of San Carlos

With one Palme of Excellence, Eduniversal sees potential in the University of San Carlos School of Business and Economics as among "business schools with considerable local influence." The Cebu-based institution began offering the MBA program in the 2000s, along with Master of Management. The school is deemed a CHED Center of Excellence in Business Administration, CHED Center of Excellence in Office Administration, and CHED Center of Excellence in Entrepreneurship.



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