5 of the Best Katipunan Cafes to Study at During Finals Season

by Chanel Ang   |  May 18, 2023
Image: Facebook/Tyler’s Cafe, Facebook/Fat Seed Cafe + Roastery
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With finals season coming up, there is no better time to find your new go-to studying spot, or revisit a favorite! Cafes are the perfect place to get to work while being able to unwind with some caffeine in your system. For our Katipunan Candy girls, here are five cafes to check out this exam month! 

5 of the Best Katipunan Cafes to Study at During Finals Season

1. Tyler’s Cafe

Whatever you need, Tyler’s has. Brain food? They offer breakfast foods like ricotta pancakes to wake you up! On a study date? Get one of their heartier pizzas or order a hand-made pasta from Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza (yes, you can order from either menu)! Thirsty? Tyler’s offers drinks ranging from mochas to matcha. They even have freshly squeezed juices!

Wifi is not a problem, either! The cafe offers unlimited free wifi; just ask one of the servers for the password, and they will provide it accordingly. The accommodating staff and quiet ambience are great in helping you prepare for a test!


2. Sweetbread Cafe

Want a sweet treat to get you studying? Sweetbread Cafe stands out by offering flavored lattes such as their luscious hazelnut latte. If you want to reward yourself in advance, they even offer ice cream milk shakes! Their food is pretty good, too. Their specialty grilled roast beef is worth the splurge, and so is their pesto cream fussili.

You get a one-hour wifi password for every purchase, so you’re sure to get some work done. The cozy minimalist space, ambient lighting, and upbeat pop music will provide the vibes to finally start drafting your final paper!

3. Coffee Theory Roasters

This cafe’s bookstore vibe will make you feel like you’re the overachieving main character of a coming-of-age movie! The cozy coffee shop is the perfect place to get your readings done. You’ll feel right at home with their books, plants, and wooden tables!

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Their drinks are energizing, too. For every purchase of drink or snack, you get an hour of free wifi. We recommend trying out Coffee Theory Roasters’ Spanish latte and grilled cheese! In between readings, the cafe’s excellent music is also a great way to vibe!

4. Serendipite

This hidden gem is perfect for preparing for your oral examinations! The shop’s minimalist aesthetic alongside breath-taking drinks will no doubt motivate you to start working. Serendipite offers special drinks like their blackdust latte and strawberry ade soda to beat the summer heat!

Comfort food is no exception, as they also provide pastas, sandwiches, and rice meals. Their alfredo is a personal favorite! The cafe offers peace and quiet, as well as free wifi, so what are you waiting for?


5. Fat Seed Cafe & Roastery

This UP Town Center spot is a favorite for a reason! While a bit on the pricier side, it’s explainable by the cafe’s speedy service, unlimited wifi, and quality services. Their chicken and ube waffles are a must-try, as well as their tartufo pasta! As a roastery, they offer great coffee drinks, including their signature iced coffee and matcha-expresso fusion!

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