6 of the Best Courses to Take at St. Scholastica’s College

This all-girls college is renowned for many courses!
by Hanna Panoringan   |  Oct 7, 2022
Image: Pexels, St. Scholastica's College Art: Andre Rafael
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If your goal is to enter a reputable all-girls college in Manila, Saint Scholastica's College, colloquially called St. Scho, is your best option! The college was initially founded by the Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing in 1906 as a "free school" in Tondo, Manila. But in 1914, its main campus was transferred to Malate, Manila. St. Scho proves it's a leading institution for women with its respectable awards and accreditations! Case in point: the college is recognized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), and it's also a charter member of the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges, and Universities (PAASCU). Of course, the college’s successful graduates like actress Gloria Diaz and senator Risa Hontiveros also attest to its excellence! Although St. Scho is an exclusive school for women, admission of male students in BS Interior Design and all their Fine Arts programs has been approved in recent years. 

Want to become a Scholastican? We’ve listed St. Scho’s six best courses that you might want to add to your options:

  1. Bachelor of Music in Music Education

Established in 1909, St. Scho's School of Music pioneered formal music education in the country. It's also recognized by CHED as a Center of Excellence. The Music Education program is performance-based and aims to hone its students' skills in their principal instrument. Moreover, it equips aspiring music teachers with techniques for teaching the instrument of their choice and conducting choral and instrumental ensembles. Fun fact: St. Scho has a recital hall called St. Cecilia's Hall, which serves as the venue of the annual St. Cecilia's concert, graduation recital of the School of Music's graduates, and performances of theater artists.

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  1. Bachelor of Elementary Education

Have you always wanted to become an educator? Take this as your sign to pursue a course on teaching children! Students taking up St. Scho's Bachelor of Elementary Education can major in either Early Childhood Education or Special Education. It prepares aspiring preschool teachers in their pursuit of helping shape young minds through relevant education courses and demo teaching. With a Level IV accreditation status granted by the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines (FAAP), the program and its curriculum undoubtedly offer high-quality education. Further, St. Scho garnered a 100% passing rate in the June 2022 Licensure Examination for Primary Level Teachers.

  1. BS Psychology

Since 2014, Scholastican graduates of the BS Psychology program have consistently produced ratings above the National Passing Rate in the Psychometrician Licensure Exam. It also gained a Level IV accreditation status from FAAP. In a nutshell, the program offers students extensive knowledge of human behavior and equips them with counseling and human relations skills. Moreover, it boasts an advanced curriculum that aims to train Psychology majors to excel in the practice of psychology in educational and clinical settings. A graduate of BS Psychology can have a career as a psychologist, psychometrician, or guidance counselor. 

  1. BS Hospitality Management

St. Scho's BS Hospitality Management is undoubtedly one of their best-offered courses. The four-year program is designed to develop its students' skills in hospitality services. Overall, it provides a specialized study in hotel and restaurant management through academic, laboratory, and field internship experiences. After completing the program, graduates will be ready for employment in various hotel positions. Fun fact: St. Scho administers the hotel school called Friedenshaus Hotel School, which also serves as a training ground for their Hospitality Management students. 

  1. BS Interior Design

Do you have a knack for interior design and a keen eye for aesthetics? Go for St. Scho's BS Interior Design program! Studio-based learning is applied in the program, which means it's a learner-centered strategy that allows the students to experiment without the mentors' intervention. It also has traditional studio courses to develop students' drawing, drafting, rendering, and presentation skills. The program's advanced courses train students to establish competencies in designing single-unit spaces such as residences to more detailed and complex structures such as hotels, institutions, and more. 

  1. Bachelor of Fine Arts With a Specialization in Visual Arts and Design

If you're planning to pursue a degree in the arts field, consider taking up St. Scho's Bachelor of Fine Arts With a specialization in Visual Arts and Design. It's also a studio-based program that enables Art majors to acquire competencies in drawing, figure drawing, color and design, stylistic applications, and more. Additionally, it allows the students to cross over to other areas like visual communication and fashion design. Students will also learn computer graphics courses that will be useful even outside the program. A graduate of the program can work in creative industries like advertising, graphic design, visual art, etc.

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