5 of the Best Courses to Take at Silliman University

by Leika Golez   |  Aug 19, 2022
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Founded in 1901 as an all-boys elementary school, Silliman University is now considered to be among the top institutions for undergraduate education here in the Philippines. Amidst facing educational challenges brought by World War II and the declaration of Martial Law, the school still managed to gain its university status in 1938. Currently in its 120th year, the institution trains over 2,000 students to be versatile and hard working professionals upon graduation. Thanks to their their holistic curricula and rigorous teaching processes, the university was among one of the seven universities that ranked in the QS World University Rankings in Asia 2020. It’s clear that all of their undergraduate programs produce bright minds, though there are a few standouts among their wide selection of courses. 

If you’re thinking of enrolling as a student at this prestigious institution, here’s a roundup of the best courses to take at Silliman University: 

1. Bachelor of Science in Nursing 

In line with the Policies and Standards of Nursing Education 1984, Silliman’s Nursing program aims to prepare students to make significant contributions to the country’s healthcare system. Apart from being knowledgeable in the prevention of illness and the restoration of health, graduates must also be committed to address the health-related issues of contemporary society.  The College of Nursing also houses laboratories, a mini CSR, and hospital facilities to provide students with hands-on training within the campus. For six consecutive years since 2015, the college has been registering a 100% passing rate in the Nursing Licensure Examinations, with a few of their passers making it to the exam’s topnotchers list.


2. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology 

Housed under the College of Computer Studies, this Information Technology program is recognized by the Commission on Higher Education as a Center of Excellence. In 2016, the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines also granted Level II Re-Accredited Status to this course for fulfilling the educational standards for exceeding the body’s set academic standards. Students who pursue this course must take up Intermediate Programming, Technopreneurship, Advanced Database Systems, and other practical classes that are relevant to the technology industry today. 

3. Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology

A course unique to Silliman University is its specialized Marine Biology program. With the mission of providing quality education in natural resource management and marine biology, this course seeks to train aspiring marine scientists and ecologists. The Silliman University Marine Laboratory also boasts four laboratories that house a dive shop, a mangrove garden, a herbarium and zoological museum, and experimental ponds and tanks. Apart from advanced facilities, students can also look forward to acquiring extensive information about marine science, environmental stewardship, and coastal resource management. 

4. Bachelor of Science in Accountancy 

If you’re interested in the disciplines of accounting, finance, and business analytics, this Accountancy program is your stepping stone to the corporate world. Lauded as a Center of Excellence by CHED, the comprehensive curriculum zeroes in on various accounting concepts and practices in the field of financial information. To ensure that students are exposed to the industry’s competitive environment, seniors will be required to render a minimum of 400 hours for an accounting internship. Meanwhile, some classroom courses include Managerial Economics, Financial Management, Business Taxation, and Auditing and Assurance Principles. Given this exhaustive program, Silliman currently ranks 46 of 387 in the Certified Public Accountant Licensure Exam and has even hit a 100% passing rate in previous years. 

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5. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering 

The institution’s Mechanical Engineering course equips students with the soft and hard skills they need to excel in the engineering industry. Garnering an average passing rate of 93% in the Mechanical Engineer Licensure Exam, Silliman is now nationally ranked 19 of 132 in the said board exams. Graduates of this course are expected to be well-rounded professionals who are adept in all aspects of the STEM field, from troubleshooting and analytics to automotive design and manufacturing. Thus, degree holders may also opt to become constructive engineers, technology specialists, product designers, and quality assurance specialists.


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