5 of the Best Courses to Take at MINT College

This progressive school is perfect for aspiring artists!
by Leika Golez   |  Oct 18, 2022
Image: MINT College, Pexels, Unsplash Art: Ines Munoz
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Pursuing an arts course in college may be seen as an unconventional career move, but there are plenty of good schools in the country that can help you succeed in the competitive industry. One of them is Meridian International College, a private educational institution founded by Baltazar Endriga in 2010. Coming from a holistic background in business, technology, and art, he conceptualized the college as a training ground for aspiring artists and creative professionals alike. Innovative and progressive, the institution strays away from traditional forms of teaching to prioritize contemporary hands-on approaches to tertiary education. Because of their unique teaching methods, the college has since expanded to Continuing Education programs, senior high school tracks, two campuses, and of course, additional undergraduate courses. 

If you’re thinking of studying at this prestigious school, keep scrolling to read our guide to their best course offerings below. 

1. Bachelor of Science in Music Business Management


Designed by professionals in the music business, the Music Business Management program promises to equip students with all the skills they need to be a music veteran. With key classes like Music Marketing, Audio Pro Analysis, Artist Management, and Songwriting and Music Publishing, the curriculum is guaranteed to cover all the different facets of the creative industry. To aid students’ learnings in the classroom, they will also be given numerous opportunities to attend music events, use the institution’s state-of-the-art recording studio, and plan out professional productions themselves. The course has also been accredited by the Commission on Higher Education in 2014 thanks to their track record of producing notable alumni such as Clara Benin.

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2. Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts 

Students with a penchant for visual design should consider MINT College’s four-year Multimedia Arts course. This hands-on and project-based program pushes young learners to master both traditional and digital art forms, as well as apply different creative theories and principles to actual projects. Their works will then be evaluated by not only their mentors, but by fellow classmates and invited industry veterans as well in order to encourage healthy peer-critique and foster a collaborative learning environment. As the course utilizes a versatile curriculum, students will choose a track to specialize in: Communication Design or Digital Illustration and Animation. While Communication Design is perfect for the advertising and marketing communications field, Digital Illustration and Animation is the go-to choice for aspiring graphic artists, animators, and illustrators. 


3. Bachelor of Arts in Film & Video

Another CHED-accredited course is their Film & Video program. The perfect playground for visual storytellers, this course focuses on the creation of videos of different genres for all kinds of media platforms. Whether you’re planning to be an award-winning director or the next big YouTube influencer, this hands-on course will prepare you for real-life work situations by incorporating business and technology into art lessons. Some key subjects under this program include Scriptwriting, Production Management, Cinematography, Storyboarding, and Directing and Filmmaking. 

4. Bachelor of Arts in Performing Arts

Fun fact: Two-time Palanca awardee Dennis Marasigan actually heads the Performing Arts program in this college. That said, you can expect nothing but the best from this course. An official partner institution of the Original Pilipino Performing Art Foundation, this course utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to educate students about both the creative and technical aspects of theater. This versatility means that this program produces all kinds of creative practitioners, from producers who work behind the scenes to performers who directly engage with the audience. Like other MINT College programs, students are encouraged to collaborate and practice their classroom knowledge by conceptualizing, writing, producing, and designing their very own productions. Plus, this four-year course has been accredited by CHED as well! 


5. Fashion Management & Design

Although the institution’s School of Fashion only opened in 2018, their Fashion Management & Design program is already one the best of its kind in the country. For one, the faculty consists of various fashion mavens such as London-based designer Lesley Mobo and “The Purple Pig Wears Red Lipstick” author Delby Bragais. Students can expect to take theoretical classes like Fashion Communications and Fashion History, alongside practical courses such as Fashion Business and Fashion Illustration. Beyond the classroom, they will also be given the chance to intern for different fashion designers, attend exclusive fashion shows, and work on brand campaigns. 

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