5 of the Best Courses to Take at Enderun Colleges

by Leika Golez   |  Sep 2, 2022
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Enderun Colleges is a relatively new college that was established in 2005 by industry leaders John Tuason, Javier Infante, and John Suit. In that short time span, the institution managed to form nearly 900 affiliations with global leaders in the fields of business, hotel and restaurant management, and more. For instance, Enderun was able to produce its culinary institute, Ducasse Institute Philippines, thanks to their partnerships with Les Roches Swiss Hotel and the Alaine Ducasse Formation. Beyond its countless affiliations, the undergraduate college has also produced many notable alumni such as showbiz stars Dimples Romana and Markus Paterson. In a nutshell, Enderun Colleges is a top-tier choice to consider if you’re looking into pursuing a career in entrepreneurship, hospitality, and design.

Keep reading to learn more about five of the best undergraduate courses you can take at this school: 

1. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration 

Graduates of Enderun’s Business Administration program turn out to become well-rounded entrepreneurs who build significant enterprises amidst the competitive global industry. Unlike most traditional business courses in the Philippines, this curriculum is focused on a global business theme that sufficiently prepares students for today’s business environment. Likewise, students will also be specializing in one of its five majors: Financial Management, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Technological Management, and Sustainability. Outside their classroom classes, students will also be required to take at least two internships that can provide them with real-life industry experience, with one of them preferably outside of the Philippines. 


2. Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship 

Similar to Enderun’s Business Administration course, their Entrepreneurship course is housed under the College of Business, Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Economics. Instead of studying different kinds of management, however, Entrepreneurship students will learn the ins and outs of managing an international enterprise in a specific industry. planning, management, and improvement of an enterprise. Thus, students will be equipped with all the skills they need to establish, manage, diversify, and grow a home-grown or existing enterprise. Since the program is also strategically combined with the college’s other programs, students are encouraged to pursue a concentration like Culinary Arts or Food and Beverage Management. They will also get the opportunity to participate in an intensive internship program with various SMEs, big corporations, and Enderun’s Industry Partners. 

3. Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

Enderun’s four-year degree in International Hospitality Management is in academic association with Les Roches International School of Hotel Management in Switzerland, and partnered with École Ducasse in France. Apart from that, its core core curriculum is also patterned after modules at American Ivy League universities to hone students’ entrepreneurialism, innovation, and intellectual breadth. Students may specialize in either Culinary Arts or Hotel Administration, but both tracks promise a hands-on teaching approach based on both theory and practice. With this, students must complete two industry internships before graduation to enhance students’ classroom knowledge and networking opportunities. This program’s tuition is also eligible for financial assistance from Bukas. 

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4. Bachelor of Science in Interior Design 

The college’s Bachelor of Science in Interior Design is a two-year-old undergraduate degree under the new College of Architecture and Design. Tied to Enderun’s expertise in business management and aesthetic design, it trains aspiring industry leaders to cultivate and furnish spaces that are both efficient and elegant. Graduates of this course are practical and detail-oriented creatives who work at design consultancies, construction companies, architectural firms, and visual merchandising departments. 

5. Bachelor of Multimedia Arts 

If you’re an aspiring digital artist, consider this progressive course from Enderun. Aside from educating students about the technicalities of art, faculty members will also teach them to find their own artistic tastes and properly articulate their creative ideas. Students under this course can choose to major in any of their three tracks: Game Arts, UX and Graphic Design, and Animation. While Game Arts introduces students to computer technology, story development, and sound and art design, UX and Graphic Design zeroes in on consumer psychology and smart design. On the other hand, the Animation track combines visual storytelling and technical training to help students execute their creative concepts using the latest technologies and techniques. 



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