6 of the Best Courses to Take at De La Salle University

This university guarantees only the best education for students.
by Abby Gayle G. Repotente   |  Jun 13, 2022
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You’ve probably already heard of De La Salle University at one point in time, may it be from its graduates–who are now known public servants, businessmen, and celebrities–or its extensive and momentous past. Either way, this university is a distinguished higher education institution for a positive reason. 

Apart from the institution’s awe-inspiring campus along Taft Avenue, De La Salle University is known for being one of the only few research universities in the Philippines, which makes this institution recognized for its academic excellence. Beyond its local recognition, De La Salle University is also known to have ties with centers of education around the globe, which makes foreign opportunities a possibility for its students. The exceptional reputation of this university not only comes from its own community, but also from its consistently high global university rankings. This proves that students are getting their money’s worth through the high quality education that the school provides. 


If you’re an interested applicant of De La Salle University, below are six of their best courses that you might want to consider taking:

1. Bachelor of Science in Business Management

De La Salle University is home to a notable group of alumni who also happen to be pioneers in the field of business, like JG Summit Holdings’ John Gokongwei and even actor-businessman Ryan Bang. Hence, one can easily get the impression that the university’s College of Business is highly effective. Under this department, the Business Management program aims to prepare individuals to be competent business professionals by honing their analytical, ethical, and critical thinking skills. This is why  the course’s  subjects focus on topics such as Management Concepts, Philosophy and Ethics, and Trend Analysis. 

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2. Bachelor of Science in Accountancy 

Also adding to the list of courses under the College of Business, Accountancy is focused on shaping its students to work  in accounting and other related fields. This program develops one’s competence and integrity with its subjects ranging from Business Communication, Specialized Accounting and Finance classes, Law, and even International Business and Trade. With these topics in mind, Accountancy students are expected to be proficient in research, management, and business ethics.  


3. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Contrary to other universities where Chemistry is only tackled scientifically, De La Salle University also puts in a humanistic approach by  incorporating subjects in humanities and social sciences. With this grasp, students are able to direct their scientific knowledge into societal issues. Along with this, they could also develop skills from laboratory classes that could be manifested into professions in government agencies, non-profit organizations, and even private institutions. Their Chemistry program could also serve as a basis for higher education and practice of the discipline. 

4. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Coupled with up-to-date facilities, the Information Technology program continues to be one of the best courses to take in De La Salle University. Handled by the College of Computer Studies, students of this program are anticipated to remedy the demands of individuals and networks utilizing their skills in information systems, technology, and development of applications. Information Technology students are also set to be globally competent network engineers, technology consultants, and system administrators. 


5. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

With the aid of a competent faculty and advanced facilities, this versatile program teaches students how to tend to the needs of society through ideas and conceptualized machineries. The institution is also focused on offering training that could further improve the capabilities of students in practicing machineries’ development, design, marketing, and more. 

6. Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Known as one of the most sought-after courses in De La Salle University, Civil Engineering aims to develop  students’ expertise in consulting, planning, designing, and constructing of projects catered to the private and the public sectors. Additionally, the university’s Civil Engineering program also offers a number of specializations depending on the student’s personal and academic interests, making it a highly endorsed course by many. 


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