7 of the Best Courses to Take at Ateneo de Manila University

Wondering about which program is best for you?
by Maria Sophia Andrea E. Rosello   |  Jun 14, 2022
Image: Ateneo de Manila University Art: Carmel Aquino
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Ateneo de Manila University is home to many successful Filipinos. From businessmen to showbiz stars, the blue school has been known to craft their students into remarkable leaders and workers later in life. With a wide selection of 155 courses for undergraduates, it’s only natural for incoming freshies and transfer students to wonder about which program could be the best one for them!

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If you’re an aspiring Blue Eagle, here are seven of the best college programs to consider taking:

1. BS Management Engineering

For the future girlbosses of the world, listen up! ADMU’s Management Engineering program has birthed some of today’s best industry leaders. Not only is it under Ateneo’s John Gokongwei School of Management (JGSOM), which is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as being a Center of Excellence (COE), but it's also produced notable alumni like GMA Network Films President Annette Gozon-Valdez, First Female Governor of Bulacan Josie Mendoza-dela Cruz, and student athlete and television host Gretchen Ho.


Described as “the combination of a liberal arts course and a business management course,” Management Engineering is undoubtedly one of Ateneo’s most prestigious degree programs. The course prepares its students, through holistic education and decision science, to assume leadership roles in the workplace immediately after their graduation.

2. AB Communication

You’ve probably already heard of the names Kelsey Merrit, Gretchen Ho (ICYDK, she holds a double major!), Jasmine Curtis, and Bianca Gonzales. What if we told you that they were all ADMU alumni under the same program, AB Communication? The flexible four-track course can be your own gateway to the following industries: Image and Sound Production, Advertising and Public Relations, Journalism, and Film & Media Studies.

Overall, Ateneo’s Communication program is well-fit for students who aim to work in the media industry post-graduation.The school also gives their Communication students the right facilities and equipment for hands-on practice, too! Case in point:  They have an on-campus studio that Communication students can use free of charge!

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3. BS Biology

This one’s for future scientists, researchers, and doctors! As one of Ateneo’s CHED-Accredited Center of Excellences, the Department of Biology offers BS Biology, a program that gives emphasis on biodiversity, biomedicine, microbiology, molecular biology, and bio-education.

The degree program also focuses on departmental research on Biodiversity for Medicine and Environment. Some notable alumni from the Biology department are medical anthropologist and veterinarian Michael Tan, the Ateneo Lady Eagles Denden Lazaro, and Tony Award-winner Lea Salonga. Just last week, a group of BS Biology students received the first and second prize for their oral presentations at the Young Systematic Biologists Forum held at the 39th Scientific and Annual Meeting of the Association of Systematic Biologists of the Philippines.

4. AB Political Science

Political Science is often known as a pre-law course for some and a door leading to government practice for others. Housed  under the Department of Political Science, a CHED-Accredited Center of Development (COD), this program focuses on training students to become great future leaders in the field of politics and governance.


The Political Science department of Ateneo also offers courses that they call “Straight programs,” which is a combination of a Political Science degree and a  graduate program, to be taken within 5 years. Their course offerings include AB-MA Political Science, Major in Global Politics, and AB Political Science-Masters in Public Management. This is perfect for students who are interested in studying Political Science while specializing in a sub-field at Ateneo. 

5. BS Computer Science

Ateneo’s Department of Information Systems and Computer Science (DISCS) is another CHED-Accredited COE. One of the well-known programs under this department is BS Computer Science, a degree program that covers a range of topics, from writing complex software systems to designing different computers. 

They also offer a list of different electives in computer science like multimedia, software engineering, networks and wireless systems, web-based systems, computer engineering, and even computational science! What’s most special about Ateneo’s Computer Science program is the fact that it is the first and only Computer Science program in the Philippines to achieve Level 4 status, which is  the highest level given by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU).


6. AB Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy in the Ateneo is perfect for those with wandering minds. Rooted in service and spirituality, this program hones students’ skills in creative and critical reflection, plus research and formation. 

If you’re interested in Philosophy, Ateneo offers Areas of Expertise in the following: Metaphysics, Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, Epistemology, Modern and Contemporary Philosophy, Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, and last but not least, Culture, Art, Science and Religion.

7. AB Psychology

If you want to understand a person’s mind, AB Psychology could be your best bet! As one of the Philippines’ pioneer Psychology departments, Ateneo has upheld their tradition of training the country’s next generation of psychologists. AB Psychology is your go-to course if you’re interested in pursuing a career in People Management or Health and Human Development.


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