'Being Happy Never Goes Out of Style' and More Inspiring Words

To help you take on a positive mindset to conquer the New Year.
by Melanie Santiago   |  Jan 14, 2017
Image: Lilly Pulitzer via Pinterest
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  1. Old ways won't open new doors

If you're aiming for a higher goal, you’ll also need to step up your game. Don't expect the same effort for a different result; always go for that extra mile because you can.

  1. Be you. Do you. For you.

Align your resolutions and goals with self-love and decide on what's best for you. After all, it's only you who can identify what you really want.

  1. Difficult roads often lead to beautiful roads

Trust the journey, no matter how rocky it gets because challenges and difficulties make us wiser and better.

  1. Some days you have to create your own sunshine

When you're down, pick up a book or watch that movie you've had on your list for so long, listen to upbeat music and get yourself out of that funk.

  1. Being happy never goes out of style

Smile, Candy Girl, put on your fave lippie and rock today!

  1. There are far better things ahead than we leave behind

The past can be full of missed chances or goodbyes, look forward to the future where better and brighter opportunities and new people await.

  1. Climb that mountain!

Take the chance, that leap of faith, that trek, that hike into nature. You won't regret it, we promise!

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  1. Overthinking is the biggest cause of unhappiness

Keeping calm is easier said than done, stress and pressure constantly surround us, we all just need to find ways to ease our mind, try counting down to a number or chanting affirmations. Overthinking can also take away the joy of the moment; don’t let it steal it from you.

  1. Don't stop until you're proud

When you know you can do better, do it! Even if it takes more time and effort, don’t sell your talent for something short of what you can really accomplish.

  1. Better an oops than a what if

This year, say yes to new chances! If it didn’t turn out as expected, you always gain experience and wisdom and there’s really no failure if you see it that way.

  1. Clothe yourself with compassion, kindness, humility and patience

There's nothing trendier and better to clothe yourself with.

  1. There are seven days in a week, someday isn’t one of them

If you have a bucket list, goal or resolution, give yourself a date, even if it's something long term that takes a year or so, jot it down and track your progress. Turn your dreams into tangible means.

  1. To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.

Don't let a day pass by without noticing the little things, or the chances and the people in your life that make it so worth it. Put down your phone and see with eyes and mind wide open.

  1. What feels like the end is often the beginning

2016 was a great year! Even though it's passing seems like an end to a many great memories, your 2017 is just the start of many, many more. Embrace it with open arms!

  1. By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the heart of others

There's nothing more inspiring than hearing success stories of people with the courage to follow their passion, be one of them!

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