Be Prom Queen Ready and Whisper help you get ready for the biggest night of your life.
  |  Jan 26, 2013
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It's that time of the year again when girls spend a night in their beautiful dresses and heels. We're talking prom, ladies! Every girl dreams of a perfect prom—the perfect outfit, flawless makeup, immaculate hair with no strand out of place, and, of course, the perfect date. But preparing for the prom of your dreams can leave you overwhelmed. So let's get through some of your pre-prom jitters to make sure you'll have a worry-free night.

I don't know how to ask my crush for prom, help!

Confidence is key. Don't overthink because if you're worrying too much, chances are, you'll stumble over your words. Just be yourself and ask him.

What if he turns me down?

You'll never know until you try! And if he does, then respect his choice and try asking somebody else. The first one turned you down for a reason, because the right one is just around the corner, waiting to be asked! ;)


What if I suddenly have my period during prom?

Add a sanitary pad in your purse before you go. Don't fret! Whisper Cottony Clean has got you covered throughout the night because nothing—not even your period—can stop you from having a perfect night.

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With those matters settled, what better way to spend your prom in the arms of your celebrity dream date? Be the next Whisper Prom Queen and snag that romantic night with Daniel Padilla! These girls show us how:

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