Be Healthy and Fit Like Athletes

Get tips on staying healthy straight from athletes!
  |  May 29, 2010
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PBA player John Arigo says:
"The key to staying healthy is exercise. I have been an athlete all my life and more than anything else, I can say physical exercise, especially running, will keep the body as well as the mind in peak condition."

"I would encourage teens to pursue basketball for two reasons. First, it requires physical prowess and skill. Second, it is a thinking man's game. It always changes and forces players to adapt and change

Tri-athlete Atom Araullo says:
"My best advice for staying healthy is exercise! I study in U.P., so sometimes I walk instead of taking the jeep. I also suggest running to keep yourself in shape. As much as possible, try to get enough sleep too."

"My sport is triathlon, which is a relatively young sport here in the Philippines. It consists of swimming, biking and running. The biggest challenge for me is the fact that I have to train for at least three sports. I would encourage others to be a tri-athlete because it gives you a full body work-out. It trains all your body muscles."


Swimmer Akiko Thomson says:
"Keep active! Exercise has always been a part of my regimen and I never forget to eat smart too. Good time management is the key to having a balanced life."

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"Swimming will give teens, and everyone who pursues it, a great work-out! It's a graceful sport that has minimal chances for injury. And best of all, you will learn a basic and essential survival skill. Any sport you pursue will be good for character building."

Tae-bo Instructor Vanessa Garcia says:
"In Nike University in Beaverton, Oregon, they say that 'play is the body's natural state.' I believe in that. So, let kids play!"

"Tae-bo is not a sport. It's a work-out like step aerobics. I would actually encourage kids to get into martial arts or track."

"Get into sports early. It teaches you life lessons like discipline and perseverance. It teaches you

to win, fail and get back up."


Wall Climber/Biker Carlo Ledesma says:
"I suggest drinking a lot of water. Eight glasses for me is not even enough. I drink two liters a day! I also avoid smoking. I have a balanced work-out of cardio exercises and weights. I always bring alcogel wherever I go. I keep my hands clean to avoid diseases and viruses."

"I would encourage others to join my sport because it's fun! You don't feel like you're exercising when you bike because you're out enjoying the sights. Plus, you get to see other places and go to other destinations!

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