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by Macy Alcaraz   |  Sep 15, 2008
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Everyone's raving about Fall TV, while we stare at them with blank faces. What in the World Wide Web are they talking about?

Gossip Girl

Everyone's suddenly talking in acronyms. OMG. XOXO. What does it all mean? We were lucky enough to have ETC show the first season, but how about the next? How are we going to last not knowing what happens to D and S or if G really stays out of the picture? And we don't know about you, but we're rooting for more Blair and Chuck screen time. We're curious about their summer at the Hamptons and how school's going to be like after all the drama.

One Tree Hill

Right now, the season airing on TV is Season 5. We're one season behind! In Season 5, we move four years forward. Which we have to admit, was a bit confusing to begin with. But in Season 6, we move even further forward with cutie pie Jamie all grown up (or so we think, child actor Jackson Brundage still plays James Lucas Scott in Season 6) and Nathan and Haley finally getting back their dreams. Only two episodes into the season, we wonder when we'll get to see it here.


Most of us are familiar with this because we grew up with the original. But they've decided to re-create the show for your generation. We've only seen previews on YouTube and we're not sure what these kids have on Brenda, Brandon, and the rest of the 90210 gang. But we're curious about the smart and funny teacher Ryan Matthews. Heh. We're old, sorry.


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