Awesome Low-Key Party Ideas from Your Favorite Celebrities

Hang at the house tonight? We're totally down.
by Macy Alcaraz   |  Jul 12, 2015
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Even celebrities don't go all-out party mode 24/7. Sometimes, a relaxed, laid-back chill out session with your girl friends is all you need for an awesome weekend. Are we right or are we right? So take your cue from some of your fave celebs and take the partying down a notch.

 1  Tea for two or more

Just a couple of girl friends celebrating women's day with a cuppa.

 2  Day out in the park

You and your bestie having good ol' quality bonding time underneath the massive trees and getting some much-needed Vitamin D.

 3  Your own foam party

Bubble bath with your besties after a stressful school week.

 4  Childhood games

Nobody's ever too old to play hide and seek.

 5  Swim time

Have a pool at home or in your neighborhood? If the weather is good, spend the afternoon lounging with your friends. Bring snacks and turn it into a super chill hangout sesh.


 6  Coffee chat

You don't even need to head to a cafe to do this. Just whip out 2 mugs, pour your favorite brew, and watch time go by as you and your friend chatter the day away.

 7  Be silly

How about re-enacting your favorite movie scenes or lip-syncing to your girl power anthems?

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 8  Scrapbook sesh

Print out some of your favorite photos with your friends and make collages the analog way! Add stickers, write fun captions, and compile them into a bestie book. Have fun making things with your hands!

 9  Veg out

Both of you getting burnt out from schoolwork? Take a breather and just hang out in your room. Put on a laid-back Spotify playlist and just relax.

 10  Fitness fete

Conquer a race, go on a hike, bike around the village—anything to get your heart rate up. Your body will be grateful to you for it!

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