PSA: Autosweep RFID Applications Now Require An Online Appointment

Less than a month before tollways go completely cashless
by Leandre Grecia for   |  Nov 8, 2020
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We’ve officially entered November, which also means we’re now less than a month away before tollways go completely cashless. And if we’re being honest, things have been a bit messy over the past few weeks.

Right now, it seems there’s not much we can’t do about it because the Department of Transportation has already said that the final deadline for the shift to cashless will be December 1. What’s more, the agency also gave out a warning already that motorists without RFIDs who enter the tollways past the deadline will be ticketed for violations.

So, if you use the tollways often enough and you haven’t secured an RFID for your vehicles yet, now’s the time to get moving. And if it’s an Autosweep tag that you’re still missing, then take note of some important changes: Autosweep applications are now on an appointment-only basis.


Effective November 4, you have to book an appointment before heading to any installation site. You can do this online via this website. Check out the official announcement below for more details:

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Unfortunately, as of this writing, it appears that the official site is down. Complaints from various motorists about the nonoperational website have been going around on social media—we assume that this is due to the sheer volume of users trying to access the page.


We’ve yet to receive updates from the company as we write this. That said, this situation has us thinking that maybe the recent suggestion to postpone the shift to cashless is a good idea.

What do you think? Should we forgo these changes for a few more months, or do you think authorities should push through with the implementation of cashless toll-payment systems in December? Share your thoughts in the comments section. Likewise, if you want to read more on this, you can click these blue words.

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