A Complete List of Scholarships Offered in Ateneo de Manila University

Plus how to apply!
by Marit Samson   |  Jun 8, 2023
Art: Anna Louise Flores
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There is no question that Ateneo de Manila University is the dream school of many students. Aside from the beautiful campus and rich student culture, it also consistently appears on the lists of top universities in the Philippines. Plus, Ateneo produces excellent leaders and professionals, as well as provides students of diverse backgrounds opportunities beyond academics. Staying true to their mission of making quality education accessible for all, Ateneo offers eight different kinds of scholarships that you can apply for!

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Find out which one suits you the most below:

1) Merit Scholarship

This is awarded to the top 60 applicants every year on the basis of academic performance and leadership roles in senior high school. Because the chances are stringent, lucky recipients would receive full tuition and fees grant plus a P50,000 annual allowance. On-campus dorm scholarship would also be provided for those who need it.


2) Director’s List Scholarship

Recipients of this scholarship are the top 200 applicants every academic year. They are evaluated not only on their academic excellence but on their co-curricular activities in senior high school as well. This scholarship grant includes an annual P100,000 tuition and fees coverage.

3) Fr Thomas B Steinbugler SJ Academic Scholarship

Valedictorians and Salutatorians of Jesuit High Schools are automatically qualified for this scholarship! A Valedictorian would receive a 100% tuition and fees grant while a Salutatorian gets  50% tuition and fees coverage.

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4) Fr Bienvenido F Nebres SJ Science Academic Scholarship

This one is for the Valedictorians and Salutatorians of science high schools! As long as your chosen course falls under the School of Science and Engineering, Valedictorians will receive a 100% scholarship while Salutatorians will be awarded 50%.

5) Jose P Rizal Academic Scholarship

Another one for the Valedictorians and Salutatorians, but specifically  for those who come from public high schools. Much like the two previous ones, a Valedictorian will receive a 100% coverage for their tuition and fees while a Salutatorian will enjoy a 50% scholarship coverage.

6) Athletic Scholarship

The Athletic Scholarship is for the student-athletes who showed promising performance both in sports and in academics. This scholarship will only be granted to those who are financially challenged and are endorsed by their coach in Ateneo and the program head of their sport.


7) Financial Aid Grants

Out of the nine scholarships, this one has the most number of recipients. Students are selected based on their financial need, intellectual ability, academic consistency, and service to the community. Depending on the student’s financial background, they can receive either a 25%, 50%, 75%, or a 100% tuition and fees coverage. In addition, the university may also grant deserving students with book and/or internet allowance, food allowance, and dormitory assistance.

8) Magis Scholarship

This is by far the most competitive and the most generous scholarship offered in Ateneo, with only one recipient each from NCR, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao! Aside from full tuition and fees coverage, the scholarship package also includes food and living allowance, books and supplies allowance, miscellaneous expenses allowance, transportation allowance, free on-campus dorm, a laptop, and a cellphone.

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