Ask Candy: What's One Holiday Tradition You Look Forward To Every Year?

by Macy Alcaraz   |  Dec 29, 2015
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Is there one holiday tradition that you always look forward to when Christmas is near? There are usually reunions and get-togethers this time of the year and it's nice to buckle down and take a break from the usual hustle and bustle. We hope that you're having the best time on break and getting your much-deserved chill time with your friends and family. Here's to an amazing 2015 and we're looking forward to more sweet moments with you guys in the years to come!


Sam Potenciano, Editor In Chief

My family always retreats to Tagaytay after Christmas where the signal is non-existent and I end up finally finishing books and taking naps with my dogs all day. It's the best. —Sam, Editor In Chief

Steph Yapnayon, Art Director Looking forward to reunions with friends and family. :) —Steph, Art Director
Angel Constantino Aquino, Managing Editor Attending Simbang Gabi and having breakfast with my neighbors after the mass—especially on my birthday! Angel, Managing Editor
Dyan Zarzuela, Entertainment and Features Editor I love that lull between Christmas and New Year, when the world slows down and there's time to breathe and do absolutely nothing. —Dyan, Entertainment and Features Editor
Ning Nuñez, Fashion and Beauty Assistant As much as how dangerous and illegal it can be, I just love lighting up fireworks! —Ning, Fashion and Beauty Assistant
Bianca Mascenon, Fashion and Beauty Assistant Our extended family would have this party on the 24th(ish) that starts at Midnight. We'd all be playing those ridiculous party games where everyone just cheats and pushes each other around. It's really funny how everyone gets so competitive just to win a 20-peso bill. —Bianca, Fashion and Beauty Assistant
Macy Alcaraz, Web Managing Editor

For the first time last year, we started a new tradition: watching my only niece open her gifts on Christmas Eve. Looking forward to doing the same this year and getting to play with her all evening! —Macy, Web Managing Editor

Erin Torrejon, Web Fashion and Beauty Assistant

Spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day eating my heart out with all my cousins while making kwento about anything and everything. —Erin, Associate Web and Fashion Editor

Ayessa De La Pena, Web Editorial Assistant Christmas at my grandparents' place and our high school class' annual Christmas get-together. :) —Ayessa, Web Editorial Assistant

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