Around The World In 8 Ways

by Chris Benedicto   |  May 21, 2013
PHOTO Wee Nam Kee Philippines
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  1. France - Authentic Cuisine
    Apart from the Eiffel Tower, there's nothing quite like authentic French cuisine that captures the beauty of Paris, the city of love. If you can't quite make the trip to France then Le Cafe Curieux can bring France to you right here in Bel-Air, Polaris, Makati City. With its taste of France offered at an affordable price, this cafe will have you exclaiming, "c'est magnifique!"
  2. Brazil - Capoeira Lessons
    Mix up your dance moves with this martial art straight from Brazil. Brazilians are born fighters with a flare for the dramatic and no other part of brazilian culture captures this trait better than capoeira. You won't need to travel all the way to Rio though to experience this as classes are offered right here in Metro Manila at the Rockwell Club.
  3. Thailand - Muay Thai Classes
    Muay Thai is the national sport of the country Thailand. The “Art of the 8 Limbs” is a gruelling sport in its native country but here in the Philippines, you can enjoy it as an exciting workout. Classes at Ultimate Fitness Metrowalk offer a great workout as well as a taste of Thai culture.  
  4.  Spain - Zarzuela and Flamingo Dancing
    Nothing captures the passion and romance of Spain better than song and dance. At the CCP this June, a taste of Spanish culture will be brought to the Philippines in the form of a Flamenco dancing performance entitled, De Dolores. Though if something a little more melodic is what you’d prefer, a Spanish Zarzuela will be performed as well at the CCP the very same month.
  5. Italy – Gelato
    The summer heat could have anyone craving for some ice cream though most people would feel a little bit guilty about all those sweets. The Italians have got it all figured out though in their gelato, an almost healthy ice cream. Here in Metro Manila, Bono Artisanal Gelato offers the real deal right here at home. Made with only the freshest whole ingredients, this gelato will have you coming back for more—guilt-free.
  6. China - Tai Chi
    Kung Fu may be China's most famous martial art but another form has been gaining popularity in recent years, T'ai Chi. With all the stress and noise that comes from living in the city, T'ai Chi offers a great taste of Chinese culture while helping one find inner peace. White Space Mind and Body Wellness offers classes right here in the Philippines on China's meditative martial art. 
  7. India - Bikram Yoga
    One of India's most popular exports is the practice of yoga. All year round, people from all over the world flock to India to practice yoga. However, for one of yoga's most popular systems, classes are offered right here in the Philippines. For more info on classes head over to BikramYogaManila
  8. Singapore – Hainanese Chicken Rice
    Singapore is well known for its Hainanese chicken rice dish. In Singapore, this dish is served everywhere from school canteens to the most lavish restaurants the country has to offer. Though Singapore is only a short plane ride away, a taste of this special dish is even closer over at Wee Nam Kee with branches in Serendra, Trinoma, and the newly opened East Wing at Shangri-la Plaza.
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