Are You Ready For A Hipster Adventure?

Here are a few spots you should definitely check out.
by Mix Supetran   |  May 28, 2013
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  1. Route 196
    If you want to know the latest and the newest artists in the OPM scene, here's the perfect place for you to check them out. Aside from the amazing set of artists that get to perform there, the ambiance of the place is perfect if you want to chill with your friends!
  2. Go on a road trip
    You're not a real hipster if you haven't been on a roadtrip to anywhere! You can go to Batangas, Laguna, or even in Subic! The key to being a true hipster is spontaneity. And another tip for you: rent a minivan and use that for traveling around!
  3. Wakeboarding in Nuvali
    It's a must to try this! Nothing says hipster and fun rolled into one than wakeboarding. Republ1c Wakepark in Nuvali not only offers good water park facilities, but the prices are very reasonable too. Do something adventurous and daring, and try wakeboarding with your friends!
  4. Hidalgo
    Want to get vintage pieces at a very reasonable price? Well then go to Hidalgo in Quiapo! From very old and hard to find records, to vintage cameras (take note: that are still working!), you can find a lot of things in Hidalgo! Best thing about it? It's cheap and you can still haggle to get it at a much lower price!
  5. Cubao X
    If you have passion for art and exhibits, well this one's for you! From art galleries that features up and coming artists, to cafes that can help you relax from a heavy day, Cubao X can give you a peace of mind.

If you were a true hipster, where would you go?

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