Did You Know? You Can “Alt-Tab” to Another App on Android With Just One Finger Flick

It makes it easy to navigate through apps.
by The Candy Staff   |  Jun 14, 2021
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How well have you explored the features on your Android phone? You'll be surprised to find that it carries a lot of functions that are ultra helpful in everyday life, that is, if you keep the OS updated. One such useful feature is the ability to switch apps seamlessly with just one swipe, almost like an Alt+Tab command, except it's on your phone.

If you have Android 10 or higher, then you also have the Gesture Navigation feature on your phone. This feature was only added to Android 10, so it's fairly new and a bit different from the controls of previous OS versions.

To activate the Gesture Navigation, go to your Settings, and head to System. Under System, go to Gestures and choose Gesture Navigation. With the Gestures on, navigating through your phone will be a little different.

Android's gesture navigation

To go to the Home screen, you just have to swipe up from the bottom of the screen. To go back to the previous page, you just have to swipe from either the left or the right side of your screen (Do note that on iPhones, swiping from the left brings you back a page while swiping from the right moves you forward to the next page; in Android, swiping from either sides only brings you back to the previous page). To switch apps, swipe across your screen at the bottom part, hold, and then release. 

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The gesture navigation now makes the controls somewhat similar to that of the iOS, with just one bar at the bottom of the screen instead of three. Aside from this tweak in the way you access apps, Android users also have the option to make use of a privacy feature that's similar to the notable iOS 14.5 update: turning off ad personalization, which stops apps from tracking your activity and using it to create targeted ads for you. If you want to explore this feature, here's a mini walkthrough. An avid Android loyalist with iPhone loving friends? No worries, Apple is soon making it possible for Android users to access FaceTime, too. 


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