An Illustrated Guide: What to Bring on a Road Trip

by Macy Alcaraz   |  Apr 17, 2016
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Now that you're on summer break, you might have a few road trips planned with your family and friends. Heading to the province soon and dreading the 6-hour car or bus ride to your destination? Pack your road trip bag for instant entertainment and guaranteed comfort with this handy guide.

An Illustrated Guide: Things to Bring on a Road Trip

  1. Easy clean-up. Bring a bottle of alcohol, hand sanitizer, or wet wipes for cleaning up on-the-road.

  2. Favorite read. Bring a book or two to keep you occupied during the ride.

  3. Music. Load up your music player or phone with your favorite tunes and don't forget to bring your earphones!

  4. Snacks. Bring fruits and nuts for easy-to-eat snacks if you have no time for a stopover.

  5. Hydrate. Fill up your thermos with ice cold water!

  6. Comfort is key. Bring a neck pillow (and a blanket if you easily get cold) in case you need to nap.

  7. Noted. Tote a tiny notebook for doodling or just writing down your thoughts for when you're stuck in traffic!

What are your road trip essentials? Let's swap travel tips in the comments down below!

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