Love Astrology? This 2022 Planner Is Perfect for You!

by Ashlee Baritugo   |  Jan 4, 2022
Image: INSTAGRAM/heyadastra
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With a growing number of daily horoscope apps entering the market to entire communities formed on different platforms like TikTok or Twitter that exist through a shared love for the cosmos, astrology has been on a steady rise in recent years. 

By studying and interpreting the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies through the 12 zodiac signs and astrological houses, astrologers and astrology enthusiasts attempt to relate these interpretations with everyday life and personal introspection.

Enter the 2022 Ad Astra Astrology Planner—a guide to self-discovery, healing, and mindfulness through living in synchronicity with the cycles, founded completely by three women amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic. 

The planner, available in two editions (language of flowers or orbit maps), contains an essential guide to reading your birth chart, journal prompts for each new and full moon transit of the year, and a monthly astrological calendar, among others. 


As someone that’s been slowly studying astrology and using it as a guide for self-discovery, the Ad Astra planner blew my little cosmo-fascinated heart away with its journaling and wellness prompts, its in-depth spreads on each sign, house, and aspects, and even the yearly goal setting page that helped me envision what I wanted to focus on in 2022. 

Through the planner, Ad Astra team Nina, Inya, and Monica are intentional about what they set out to dosupport mental health, break the therapy stigma, provide therapeutic tools, use the birth chart as a navigational tool, encourage open conversations, and foster community care.

If, like me, you were looking for an even more in-depth tool for reflection on your growth journey, the Ad Astra planner is a great resource to help you start. 

Purchase the planner on website for P2,250.00

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